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"The Face of the Bitshares Foundation" ICO crowd magazine Manager Annemieke Dirkes , threatens to blackmail business partners !

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„The face of Bitshare's foundation“ „Ico crown magazine Annemieke Dirkes“ threatens to blackmail business partners                 

                                    Openlager GmbH

We are an international Consortium which is involved in Digital Currency and BlockChain-Technology in the domain of #Fintech in #ecosystems, moreover, nowadays we have been building up #Startups and fledgling businesses.

Our financial syndicate is an Investor of BitSharesMunich. The Management Board is being constituted by CEO/Co-founder #Christoph-Hering, CTO/Co-founder#Kenneth E. Sliver and CMO/Co-founder Rodrigo Crespo.

On August the 23th we invested 100 Bitcoins and 200 ETH through 

OpenLedger Ronny-Boesing CEO, Annemieke-Dirkes COO and Dr.Wolfgang-Hering (legal counsel and corporate lawyer of BitShares-Munich and #Echo-Industries GmbH) #in-the #ICO-of BitShares-Munich for the concept of the #Blockpay-Token.

Initially, we have been very much convinced that #Blockpay prospectively would be greatly successful in the financial world and therefore ensure economical prosperity for the entire #Digital-Currency-Community, as well as sustain profit for it’s private and institutional investors.

At the time of our #investment, #Bitcoin added up to $600 and ETH to $18.

Taken as a whole, #600-Bitcoins and 4.000 ETH Dash-Lightcoin have been invested over #OpenLedger.

We‘ve had numerous forward-looking, constructive as well as productive conversations with the CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Rodrigo Crespo. Due to these and the concepts which were presented to us (which, among other things, included the expansion concept of #BitSharesMunich for Mexico), we drew the attention of our customers in Asia and Europe to #BitShares-Munich and the plattform. We were convinced that this business would be a success.

Despite our intense conversations with BitSharesMunich about our scheduled investment and our prospective and strategical considerations, Dr. Wolfgang Hering, #Christoph-Hering, #Ronny-Boesing and #Annemieke-Dirkes-failed-to-inform-us -about-KenCode’s-past.

Through cogent evidence and in the course of our researches, which also lead us to #Annemieke-Dirkes, #Ronny-Boesing-and-Christoph-Hering, and in addition to the crucial informations, which were given to us by #Xeroc-Dr.Fabian-Schuh of #ChainSquad-GmbH, we came to the aforesaid informations about #KenCode.

#Annemieke-Dirkes and #Xeroc-Dr.Fabian-Schuh have just then, immediatley after the acquisition of the #ICO, informed us about #KenCode’s past and moreover, warned us to enter into business with him.

#Xeroc-Dr.Fabian Schuh particularly alluded, that neither the #SW-Blockpay, nor #Stealth-work and that there are no Coder at disposal to make the product ready for the market. Furthermore he told us that he, as one of the people in charge at #BitShares-Foundation, would exercise his voting right to stand up against the fielding of #Stealth on the #BitShares platform. For this purpose #(Xeroc)Dr.Fabian Schuh #Xeroc took every available #Stealth-Token of his friends and being equipped with the majority of them, he wanted to prevent #Stealth on the #BitShares-platform. An interesting aspect in this respect is, that capital was raised for both SW-products „Blockpay-Stealth“ with the #ICO-of-BitShares-Munich in order to make them market-ripe.

Because #Annemieke-Dirkes-closed-the-BitShares-Munich-ICO-together-with-Ronny-Boesing, it has been very much a surprise and even more disconcerting to receive a warning from these exact two persons in respect to KenCode.

If there is an #ICO with over #300-Investors it is of great importance for our financial syndicate, that the promise to the Community, which is defined in the white-paper as well as in the #Escrow-contract, is being kept. This is an essential principle (corporate geovernance and compliance) to us and is meant to be a protection for the „small investors“ and to preserve the trust in #ICOs.

There has been a weekly update by KenCode about the curent development state over the platform GitHub.

The aforeside described approach regarding an ICO (invest the capital first and then warn the shareholders who hold the majority), as it was done by #Annemieke-Dirkes and #(Xeroc),Dr.Fabian Schuh, can only be percieved as grave deception.

           „The true Story ICO Bitshares-Munich IVS“ „Blockpay“ 

                                  „Echo industries GmbH“ 

                                     „Freednex Holding“          

                                      „Christoph Hering“

                                     „Annemieke Dirkes“


We have confronted Rodrigo Crespo with the present case. He confirmed us KenCode’s past. Mr. Crespo assured us, that the collaboration with KenCode regarding BlockPay could be described as very good and that KenCode credibely promised to be greatly interested in effectuating BlockPay in a positive way. As KenCode asked us to do so, we put our trust in him, because we did not think it would be constructive to upset the Community as this would have caused even more damage.

„Annemieke Dirkes“ actions should not stay unmentioned at this point either. In a conversation with KenCode, Christoph Hering and Ronny Kramer, Annemieke Dirkes summoned KenCode to withdraw himself from „BitShares Community“ because of his past and to further act from the background to prevent damages in the BitShares Community.

The weekly status updates by KenCode over GitHub had been proceeding since the beginning oft he ICO, until this conflict happened.

When the entire Community learned about the longterm public discussion on platforms like #Steemit, #Blockpay, #Telegram-Chat-Blockpay and the #radio station of #Fuzzy and #Christoph Hering, between the two #Shareholder-Christoph-Hering -and-KenCode, who were using vile language all over, this caused damage to the whole Community. First of all this led to a massive decline of the #stockprices#Blockpay#Token and secondly, to a grave -loss#of-the#reputations-of-BitShares-Munich-Echo-Industries GmbH-Christoph HeringCEO-and-KenCode.

Subsequently this conflict lead to #KenCode‘s resignment from #BitShares Munich and #Echo-Industries GmbH. The Shares of #KenCode have been transfered on August the 12th 2017 after the partial payment of €400.000,00--.

Non-comprehensivable ist he mode of calculation regarding the shares of 51% to an amount of €400.000,--. Obviously the basis of estimation should have been higher, if there would be a comparison with the Charts of BitShares Munich.

How-does-that-stand-in-a-relation-with-the-compensation-of-20%-shares-of-Rodrigo Crespo-of-BitShares-Munich-and-Echo-Industries-GmbH with-a-takeover-price-of -$76? 

We have had contact with every named person, including#Dr.Fabian Schuh, #Stan-Larimer and #Paul-Mortelli, in order to achieve an actual overview about the general circumstances Blockpay, Blockpay-Token and the publicly staged conflict between #Christoph-Hering-and-KenCode. We were trying to get an understanding of what happened to our investment and the entire ICO/generated capital.

Dr. Fabian Schuh and #Annemieke-Dirkes (in her positions as #Board#Member#of#BitShares#Community) informed and assured us that the capital was shifted by Christoph Hering from BitShares Munich to Echo-Industries GmbH.

At the time of the transfer from BitShares Munich to Echo-Industries GmbH, #BitShares-Munich-was-worth-€6 Million.

          „The true Story ICO Bitshares-Munich IVS“ „Blockpay“ 

                                  „Echo industries GmbH“ 

                                     „Freednex Holding“          

                                      „Christoph Hering“

                                     „Annemieke Dirkes“


Nevertheless, there had been an clear agreement between Dr. Fabian Schuh (Xeroc) as #CEO-FreedNex and the „XEROC Dr Fabian Schuh“ told us about a completely new financial syndiacte from Zurich-London-Moscow-Rome-Vienna, where a new Holding called #FreedNex should be founded. In this Holding, every Token from the ICO (which would have equated #€6Mio on the transaction date) from #BitShares Munich and #Echo-Industries GmbH would have been exchanged 1:1 with a discount of 20% as compensation. 

The management of #FreedNex Holding contained #Top Manager with an extraordinary expertise for CEO, CFO and CIO.

#The-members-oft-he-advisory-board were the Co-founders CEO-Christoph Hering, CTO Dr.Fabian Schuh, CMO Rodrigo Crespo and „Interim CEO Annemieke Dirkes FreedNex Holding“ has an addressable Portfolio of international and market-orientated Tripple-A accounts, which has been improved by the (prospective) shareholders. The market-potential for the sections Oil&Gas, Banking and Real Estate and Mulit-Media Companies, was estimated around some hundreds of Billions US-Dollars.

On behalf oft he shareholders of #FreedNex, Dr. Fabian Schuh #Xeroc led tangible communication about a partnership with #Block-one-EOS in his position as CEO&CTO of FreedNex-Holding. Unfortunately, the cooperation could not be realised despite the promising start of conversations.

Dr. Fabian Schuh informed us about the founding oft he (financial) structures oft he #FreedNex Holding and additionally about the status of opportunities and sales activites FreedNex-Holding and eventually presented them. #Annemieke Dirkes has very often been presenting along with Dr. Fabian Schuh, for example at the #Consensus in #New#York, where we have been too.

Christoph Hering visited us with the exact same informations (about the activities, planned financial transfers BitShares/Echo-Industries/FreedNex) in China and showed us the Businessplan/White Paper, just as we had bought BitShares-Token in multiple Tranches (depicted on the Bitshares platform: from cent 2 to USD 50), as everyone involved (Hering, Schuh, Dirkes) had assured us, that the Tripple-A clients would go in the BitShares Blockchain in the next few month and run their businesses over it. 

This would have been a massive breakthrough for the entire#Bitshares Community.

Moreover, #Christoph Hering informed us about the whole#situation with#KenCode which was, that#Christoph Hering neither had a existing#software of#Blockpay, nor access to the programmer, although he was #CEO of BitShares Munich. BitShares Munich and #Dr#Wolfgang#Hering are #working on a#solution, to cope wth the problem #KenCode, who presumably caused damage to the whole#platform. 

#Founding the#FreedNex,#the#capital#of#BitShares Munich/Echo-Industries had to be#transfered#to#FreedNex#Holding as soon as possible.#FreedNex was intended to be the future for important projects (Oil&Gas, Banking, Telecom, Trading Platform, Energy supplier, Multi Media, Renewable Energy/Solar Projects). #FreedNex-Token #(FNX) were launched on the BitShares platform. There have been reservations made of 200 Mio FNX-Token a`0,20 EUR Cent (= EUR 40 Mio) over the #Co-founder accounts without an #ICO.

Dr.Fabian Schuh recommended #Annemieke-Dirkes as CEO of FreedNex Holding to the Co-founders. He referred to her experience as COO at OpenLedger regarding business structures in Blockchain technology. Two Co-founders of FreedNex were not content with the recommendation as Annemieke-Dirkes had been working at OpenLedger at the time and suggested to put the whole network of OpenLedger into FreedNex. Moreover, #Annemieke-Dirkes only spoke of #Ronny Boesing in a very negative way at a time, when we were in conversation with him. #Blackmail!!!

From this point on a dissonance started to spread between the shareholders because of #Annemieke-Dirkes‘ scheming and half-truths.

Dr. Fabian Schuh #Xeroc was registered as a 100%-shareholder of #FreedNex Holding (trusty) because of certain temporary circumstances (as not every Co-founder wanted to be registered as official shareholder of FreedNex.

(proposed) #shareholders of#FreedNex respectively their representatives (f.e. Co-founder), endowed with a mandate, about the decision-making process. Dr. Fabian Schuh has, contrary to this agreement, independently given authority to #Annemieke-Dirkes. The outcome of this so-called authority was #Annemieke Dirkes setting the whole team against two Co-founders. 

Furthermore, she texted the Tripple-A clients of #FreedNex without the understanding and permission oft he Co-founders, in order to take personal advantage out of it.

Together with Dr. Fabian Schuh (Xeroc), she offered those #Tripple-A clients performances which compete with the portfolio of FreedNex. A clear attempt of evasion.

Annemieke-Dirkes massively damaged the interests of #FreedNex with her actions which imply, amongst others, abuse and unauthorized acquisition of data, client addresses etc. When she was confronted with those accusations, Mrs. Dirkes denied every single one.

#Christoph Hering and his #Co-founder with the majority of #shares of #FreedNex, prepared the whole #Token#Transfer which provided, that all oft he Tokens of BitShares Munich and EchoIndustries should be exchanged 1:1 to FreedNex Token. Significant problems showed up at this process with Christoph Hering regarding BitShares Munich and EchoIndustries. It has been ascertained, that not one employee was ever registered at BitShares Munich for over a year.

Furthermore it has been determined, that Christoph Hering transferred money over his private, as well as his business.accounts. Because of this behavoiur, which is unworthy of a businessman, BitShares Munich has been led into a absolute economical chaos. Even a self-indicment had to be made at the tax authority.

It has to be said that students have been employed with a salary of #EUR 2.500,00-3.000,00, working 20h/week, although social and health insurances never have been paid. 

Because of this mismanagement the investors of BitShares Munich have had an overall damage of about EUR 2-3 Mio.

                     „The true Story ICO Bitshares-Munich IVS“ „Blockpay“ 

                                  „Echo industries GmbH“ 

                                     „Freednex Holding“          

                                      „Christoph Hering“

                                     „Annemieke Dirkes“


In order to work on this threatening situation (bankruptcy), a financial expert and his team were employed, paid by the BitShares Munich-investors. 

The team managed to settle the mismanagement that had been caused by #CEO#Christoph Hering.

Obviously Christoph Hering wasn’t able to ply with his position as CEO and would have caused bankruptcy if he still had the mercantille responsibility.

Parallel to the redevelopment and stabilization of BitShares Munich and after the take-over of KenCode’s shares through 

#Christoph Hering, latter started to build up communication with Rodrigo Crespo. The content of those conversations contained prospectorous mutual activities between BitShares Munich/Echo Industries/FreedNex. Specifically it was about the take-over of the 20%-shares of BitShares Munich as well as Echo-Industries, which had been property of Rodrigo Crespo. The outcome of these conversations was, that Rodrigo Crespo sold his shares to Christoph Hering für USD 76.

The resignment of corporate-shares by Mr. Crespo happened this way:

Mr. Hering promised Mr. Crespo, that BitShares Munich/EchoIndustries would transfer the entire capital into FreedNex Holding. A part of this entire capital were the 20%-shares of Mr. Crespo of BitShares Munich. At the time oft he resignment, the shares of Mr. Crespo were worth #EUR 1.2 Mio. For those 1.2 Mio he received 10%-shares of #FreedNex Holding and 50%-shares of #FreedNex-Mexico.

Because of this commitment und agreement, #Mr.Crespo began to build an office in #Mexico#City#with#complete#infrastructure and employees, #financing#everything#by#himself #(USD#150.000,00).

Meanwhile, #Christoph Hering#blocked #Mr.Crespo#on#every#platform, after the latter had given his shares to him. Several trustworthy acquaintances told us, that #Christoph Hering deliberately #deluded Mr.Crespo.

#Christoph Hering #published in#Blockpay#Telegram#Chat#the#resignment#of#shares#of Mr#Crespo#of#USD 76.

As we learned from the Community, it seems like legal steps have been initiated against#Christoph Hering and#Annemieke Dirkes.

Additionally #Christoph Hering made it public that he passed on the management of BitShares Munich and Echo-Industries to a #Co-founder of #FreedNex and his positions as a #CEO of BitShares Munich to an extern individual.

The background of this approach was, that #CEO Christoph Hering was not able to fullfill his duties as a CEO and his resignment should prevent  more #damage on the #Community of #investors.

            „The true Story ICO Bitshares-Munich IVS“ „Blockpay“ 

                                  „Echo industries GmbH“ 

                                     „Freednex Holding“          

                                      „Christoph Hering“

                                     „Annemieke Dirkes“


Taken together all of the aforeside described facts:

#Christoph Hering: incorrect management of BitShares Munich/Echo-Industries GmbH) led to disadvantage of investors; self-indicment at the tax advisory, deception of investors and shareholders BitShares regarding FreedNex; deception regarding #FreedNex, deception of #Tripple-A accounts, status #Blockpay, deception regarding those shares; nonauthorized acquisition of client-data, assignment Due Diligence, assignment marketing agency for image-polishing)

-  Dr.Fabian Schuh #Xeroc: deception of investors and shareholders regarding #FreedNex, deception regarding #FreedNex, transfer of capital (Token) of BitShares/Echo-Industries didn’t take place, deception of #Triple-A-Accounts, Status#Stealth, non-authorized acquisition #of #client#data

#Annemieke-Dirkes: deception of investors and shareholders regarding #FreedNex, deception regarding #FreedNex, #transfer of capital (Token) of BitShares/Echo-Industries didn’t take place, deception of Triple-A-Accounts, #Status Stealth, non-authorized acquisition of #client-data, #informant#of#international#Police#organizations!!!

These three individuals abused their rights as responsibles and their functions in the companies (BitShares Munich/ Echo-Industries GmbH / FreedNex Holding). They didn’t keep agreements, neglected their duties and are to be held responsible for the economical decline of the companies because of their doings respectively wrong-doings.



#Annemieke Dirkes

The entire damage for the BitShares Community can only be precised after an exact analysis. According to estimates it is a great amount, as the planned mutual activities with Tripple-A-Accounts have to be included. The corporate numbers oft he addressed international marketing-orientated Tripple-A accounts are put at 100 Billon Dollars.

Christoph Hering led every comparative conversation in the same way as with KenCode and Rodrigo Crespo. He seems to be approaching some kind of head-in-the-sand politics and, moreover, seems to assume that the entire capital put into the ICO of BitShares Munich is his personal property. This can be proved by his new and very exclusive lifestyle and behavior. Christoph Hering has moreover bought more than a Million Bitshares Token with the money ouf our investment (Community Bitshares) and transferred it on his private account. 

He sold Blockpay Token in Juni even after Blockpay Token have been put on hold because of the ongoing dissonance between the shareholders. In order to protect the Investors and Ronny Boesing (OpenLedger), the Blockpay-Token were not allowed to be traded with. #Openledger #blocked the leftover Bitcoins from the #Escrow-contract (BitSharesMunich/OpenLedger), until this situation has been solved.

A unlawfully and belatedly signed sharehoders-contract gives Christoph Hering the permission to invest the shareholdes’s capital (which is still being held by Echo-Industries GmbH and BitShares Munich) into his new products. But the facts say, that Christoph Hering has registered the company at his private address, employed an assistant who works 20h/week and is building  up a new homepage for the BitShares Community, which costs EUR 10.000,00 – 15.000,00.

He wants to donate his homepage at the Steemit Festival in Lisbon as a compensation for his underperformance to the BitShares Munich investors as well as to the BitShares-Community.

It could lead to a veritable conflict between the different interests, as Christoph Hering has paid EUR 40.000-50.000 for a Due Diligence and took this money from the budget of BitShares Munich. The assignment was to conduct a Due Diligence on the BitShares Blockchain. The goal was, to get an understanding regarding the funcitonality of one’s own Blockchain platform. This is even more surprising, as Christoph Hering sits in the Board of Foundation BitShares, accpets assignments fort he development oft he BitShares platform and claims to be an expert, presenting his „knowledge“ at international lectures.

#Christoph-Hering has, additionally to the marketing agency in #Hamburg, instructed another company to polish his image and paid them #EUR 80.000-100.000. Every Co-founder and investor of #FreedNext Holding,#BitShares Munich and #Echo-Industries has been lied to by #Christoph-Hering and has to carry the whole damage.

The #Steemit #Festival in #Lissabon this year mistakenly gives #Christoph Hering a platform, in order to present himself and his new homepage in the best light possible

#link :


              When you stop lying, we stop writing the truth!


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