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I wrote this bit at the point of uploading my post - This post after writing it was plagued with tech problems, uploading pics, net dropping, keychain failing... took over 2 hours extra to sort pics and they are not even the ones I had chosen for this post but needs must, right?

Interestingly this will be my 7th post in 7 days

So I couldn't even contemplate not uploading a post today, even though it's after 1 am and I am up before 6 for my first day back at work in 22 days...Ugghhh Anyway back to the post... Read on Dear Reader :D

So today was a strange but fun day for me. I have come to the end of my Summer break from work. I have had 22 very welcome days away and find myself a few hours away from returning and weighing up what I have achieved.

A farmers life for me? Maybe... who knows... I haven't explained the pics yet, confused?

The last couple of years we have taken a foreign vacation but of course the pandemic has changed so very many things these last few months that it hardly seems to register on my scale of weirdness that has thus far been 2020.

There has been work done around the house, painting and such, I mean ceilings and walls I am no artist! There has been work done in the garden and an evening or two spent out there enjoying the fresh air and perhaps even a drink or two ((or 5!!!)) despite the fact it has rained for the vast majority of my time off...

Life in England... What else could I expect?

For the past couple of months I have been anticipating my 22 days off and making some solid blockchain goals to aid my growth going forward. I have never fully embraced the blockchain for any settled period of time, between long term intermittent health issues, life stuff and so much more, my time in the community could at best be described as sporadic.


I wanted to rectify that in a meaningful way and I feel like I have done that in a big way. I have fallen head over heals in love with writing again. Made far more posts and comments and had more top notch engagement than I have in the past 31 months combined.

I have investigated, joined and interacted with some amazing communities and found some members running fab contests and weekly and even monthly initiatives. I have had a blast. Of course I haven't achieved all I expected, but I have ticked off some things I did not anticipate, I have started a Twitter account to do my part towards onboarding, promotion and marketing of our wonderful community and even delved back in to the world of curating for a community again ((more on this amazing news soon!))

Me and M'Lady.

IMG_4808.HEIC - Copy.jpg

So to be honest I could have done with using today to ramp up my endeavours on the platform and filled out the rest of my Twitter bio and so many other things still unresolved.

The below pic is my youngest looking like she's about to go full on Julie Andrews... If Julie Andrews had shaved her hair off completely during lockdown because she wanted to see how it looked and grow it out again, to see how healthy it looked... Oh and I don't think JA wore Dr Marten boots either! Charlotte is 20 next week... So the confusing part is, how can I still be 25, I'm fairly certain I am??? :D
But nope. Today was reasonably sunny and we decided to undertake a family day today. We spent part of the day visiting family now that lockdown restrictions are easing in the UK and the other part of the day was spent doing something I have never tried before, in fact none of us had...

We travelled to a reasonably local farm for a couple of hours of strawberry picking.


We had to pay for the experience, the fee wasn't too bad at £10 per car and my youngest Daughter found a voucher online that gave us that £10 back toward the cost of the strawberries we picked. Win/Win.

The format was pretty straightforward we were each handed a punnet made from a recycled card material, given a map and pointed in the general direction of several giant strawberry fields. The scene was I'm sure very different to what it was before lockdown. There were sanitiser stations and makeshift sinks and hand soap everywhere.

There were cute signs placed around the HUGE farm stating that we keep 2 sheep-lengths away from the other families. There were very specific routes up and down the amazingly long rows of strawberries all geared up for those who are most concerned about social distancing measures.


There is just something so utterly satisfying about picking fruit from the vine without any middleman, haulage firms and supermarket chains, packaging plants and sorters having any involvement.

The very best part of all is that no misguided, misinformed, clueless supermarket purchasing rep could decide which fruits were too wonky, small, misshaped for the general public to buy through one of their networks.

These people infuriate me so much. They actually have conversations with the farmer who is trying to make a living by growing fresh, natural produce, creating jobs and stimulating the economy and tell him/her that people simply don't want poorly formed, misshapen, oddly coloured fruits and produce.

Now I don't know about you, but I know that when I grow fruit, veg, plants and flowers in my garden they are not a perfect uniformed size, weight, shape and colour. That's OK, right?

Can you imagine the sheer ammount of wastefrom such ridiculous decisions and then the farmer ends up making far less per kilo and the joke keeps on going...

The irony is that we have come far enough as a species to agree that it would be boring if everyone was exactly the same, yet it's not good enough logic for the food on our selves.

As we travelled home the sun finally got brighter and the heat ramped up significantly, typical, right? My Daughter made a comment about how awesome it would be to have the life of living in a warm climate and to grow fruit and we both agreed that we would love that life...

This gave me an idea... I knew which community I was going to post this in once it was finished.
This stirred a memory in me of meeting the most beautiful friend the blockchain could ever offer @trucklife-family. We met as I stumbled across a post of Aish's detailing collecting the olives and making fresh, natural olive oil. I loved the idea of living that life then and I do now.

I promised Aish I was gonna start creating posts in Natural Medicine so long ago, you know how it is, right? You mean to, you know you will, maybe tomorrow, or the next day... Maybe the next...

I have crossed paths with @riverflows a lot of late too and decided that the time to start creating content for the community that speaks of the highest values and ideals on the planet is at hand.

Thank YOU for taking the time to read my post and if you're one of those amazing people who like to hit the comments section... Then I doubly thank YOU!

Either way I want you to know that you are appreciated!

Keep taking the time to connect with each-other both here and in the so-called real world and try and look after each-other, because as you already know...

Together We're Just Better.png


I am a proud member of the newly formed #TeamUK I love the global community immensely, but it is nice to have a home-team banner to add to my posts. The banner was made by the inimitable RoastMaster General himself @c0ff33a If you are an active UK member and would like to be added to the teamUK community on Discord, just let me know 😎


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