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Belgium Airforce F16 Displaying at RIAT 2018 - by Steve J Huggett


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f16 RIAT 2018 - by steve j huggett.jpg

I took thousands of images at the RIAT Airshow, as I do for all the events I attend, so the editing process is never- ending, but I find more therapeutic these days. Especially when you come across a decent image.

The plane is flown by Stefan "Vador" Darte, what a display I have copied a link of one his displays at RIAT 2018 to watch.

What I use

Nikon D7200.
Sigma 18-300m
Software Adobe Lightroom.
Taken by Steve J Huggett.


RIAT 2018 RAF Fairford England UK

Thank you

I appreciate you taking time to read this post and viewing my photos. I hope you enjoyed them. Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

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