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Announced STEMGeeks, a new Steem Engine Tribe!


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STEMGeeks is a Steem community focused on STEM content.

What is STEMGeeks?

STEMGeeks is a community focused on STEM topics rewarding engagement with STEM tokens. STEMGeeks is powered by the Steem blockchain with it's own distribution model for STEM tokens in addition to the potential STEEM tokens.

What is a Tribe?

@aggroed's post is probably the best place to learn what a tribe is.

A tribe is a Steem community around a SMT-like token with it's own distribution model. Think of it as if SMT & Communities were available today.

What is STEM?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and includes a wide range of science and technology topics.

When should I use the #STEM tag?

Primarily for posts that focus on science, facts, and reason backed by data or solid hypotheses about the world around us. At its core, this is a community to facilitate the means of developing skills that explore scientific decisions, critical thinking about evidence and facts.

  • Science
  • Space Exploration
  • Gadgets
  • Technology Innovations
  • Blockchain Technology
  • Programming & Development
  • Mathematics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Maker (i.e. Raspberry Pi & Arduino)
  • 3D Printing
  • Mobile Phone Technology
  • Medical Advances
  • Robotics

The main idea of STEMGeeks is to provide technology & science-focused community with a niche wide enough you could live here but not wide enough to see $100 cat photos.

STEM Airdrop

The token is STEM listed on the Steem Engine market.

We are airdropping around 500,000 STEM tokens to the Steem community. There were a few decisions on how to do the airdrop but it primarily comes down to staked PAL tokens and SteemSTEM members as most clever ideas yielded poor results.

330,625 tokens will be airdropped, this will reach 1,710 users.

We will do an additional airdrop to STEEMSTEM team members, curators, and recent curated content. This accounts for 15,500 additional STEM tokens.

The remaining 153,874 airdrop STEM tokens will be airdropped on a case by case basis.

Initial Supply

The initial supply of STEM will be 10M tokens.

  • Air Drop: 500,000 STEM
  • Anti-Abuse: 1,000,000 STEM
  • STEM Team: 2,000,000 STEM
  • Community Bounties: 4,000,000 STEM
  • Sell Wall: 2,500,000 STEM

Initially, we are airdropping up to 500 STEM tokens to most users with at least 10 Pal tokens staked. We are reserving the rest of the initial 500,000 STEM to handle one-off cases and individual airdrops up to the 500 STEM limit.

1,000,000 STEM has been issued to the account @nostem4u for abuse prevention. This was immediately powered up and will never be sold on the market or OTC. If for any reason this stake is no longer needed, it will be burned.

The STEM team has a pool of 2,000,000 STEM tokens. Some of this will be staked and used for curation on the @stemcuration account.

STEM token will be issued to @stembounties account and used for contest rewards, engagement incentives, and prizes. There will be many opportunities to earn STEM tokens through contests and engagement. The initial bounty supply will be used over the first five years or more.

We will add a 2,500,000 STEM sell wall at 2 Steem.

There are no plans to manually issue any STEM tokens outside of the 10,000,000 initial supply.

All other STEM tokens will be created from two inflation pools.

  • Proof of Brain: 80%
  • Mining: 20%

The calculated inflation rate is initially 8.41% which will be around 840,690 STEM tokens in the first year and dropping 3% each year until it hits around 2%.

In the first year around 672,000 STEM tokens (80%) will be rewarded from the reward pool for authors and curators. Around 168,000 STEM tokens (20%) will be rewarded to users who have staked STEMM miner tokens.

Creating content for the STEMGeeks community.

You can use our front end interface to post to the STEMGeeks community or you can use any interface you like and use the STEM tag.

Any content using the STEM tag has the potential to earn STEM token rewards.

Full Steempeak integration will be available shortly. Follow @stemgeeks for updates.


Like Steem, you need to stake your STEM tokens to influence the reward pool distribution and earn curation rewards.

Unstaking takes 30 days over 5 transactions.

Some bounty rewards will be only available to users with STEM tokens staked.


We will respond to abuse swift and firmly. We have powered up a nuclear option on the account @nostem4u with 1,000,000 STEM. This account will never upvote and will only be used in extreme cases.

@nostem4u will be used to remove STEM rewards from content that is improperly tags, plagarism, and personal harassment that gets to the point it is impacting the community. We have a zero tolerance for these activities and our response will be firm and swift.

We have no plans on using this account outside of these situations and ideally the account will remain idle 99.99% of the time.

If for whatever reason this account is powered down and the stake will not be used in an anti-abuse scenario, we will burn the stake.

It will never be sold on or off the market and is only used for preventing abuse.


The STEMGeeks community has a mining pool that will account for 20% of the inflation. STEM Miner tokens STEMM are available on the Steem-Engine market that represents virtual miners.

There are 20 mining slots per hour. Every staked miner has an equal opportunity to win the tokens in that slot. For the first year mining rewards will be 19.2 STEM per hour.

STEM Miners will be sold for 10 Steem and will increase regularly during the first 30 days and settle at 30 Steem.

Like the STEM token, STEM Miners take 30 days to unstake over 5 transactions.

You need to stake your STEMM tokens to be eligible for mining rewards.

Reward Pool

The reward pool will mint around 840,000 STEM tokens in the first year. Rewards will be distributed 50% to authors and 50% to curators with a slightly superlinear curve.

Payouts will be similar to Steem and will happen after 7 days.

Users have the ability to use one full 100% downvote daily without impacting their ability to upvote content.

STEMGeek official accounts

STEMGeeks Team

STEMGeeks is a community-run and founded by @themarkymark. As of right now, there are no other team members.

Discord Server

Join our Discord Server

I make no promises STEM or STEMM will be worth anything now or in the future. The price is up to what that market believes it is worth.


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