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I'm Going All In With Hive: I've Quit Other Projects, I Have Unfinished Business Here: ONBOARDING


13 days ago2 min read

I really didn't intend to go all in with Hive, but this place is like an old relationship that i just can't let go of.....i tried before to leave, and i guess it's true that if Justin Sun had not fucked up so bad, I would not have returned. For me, it was the bidbots that really drove me away.

Well, i can't really focus on anything else, so quit my other projects, and i guess, from here on, it's Hive or Die.

Being so spread out with my energy, doing social media for Telos, plus creating my new project, Hive People here, was exhausting. Something had to go. I could not maintain doing both.

Hive has won my attention, so now it's really time to get to work.

I'll do a seperate post on my new project, @hivepeople, but the reason i created it is to have a project that focuses on these two things: onboarding (most important) and marketing on social media. The timing was right because i quickly found @roomservice who is doing an outstanding job with which basically has solved the Hive account creation. It's easy and simple. It requires a phone number to cut down on abuse, but the numbers are not saved in a database, they get hashed, and then the phone numbers are deleted. It's a win for privacy.

If you have not visited do so now:

Soon, we will have referrals, too. I need to check on how to get my link again.

Lots of big things happening and I'm working directly with @roomservice on a giant infographic for the LEARN section of

The text I think will be replaced with the it is, even though I posted it on the @hivepeople account:


Look over it and if you see something that can be improved, let me know. This infographic is for Hive noobs, so I avoided using technical language.

Right when cryptoctopus quits, i go all in.....LOL.

All i have to say in that matter is that patience and tolerance goes a long way.


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