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Morning Run - Running man


2 months ago2 min read

I just finished a 7.18km running that lasted about 0hh:39mm:49ss !


Another morning of longer intervals today. After the warm up it is alternating six minute sprints and two minute jogs. These show up more distinctly in Strava than on the @exhaust site. Not sure why Strava did not show me starting until I was some way down the road, but the total distance is not far off.

As I left Arlesey a younger guy was jogging ahead of me and I powered past him on my first sprint. Not that it is a race of course. I think he was the only other runner I saw out there. Yesterday I took a walk by the river to get out of the house for a while and saw lots of other people out. I also had a bit of a swim after dinner. Getting into the unheated pool is hard, but it is fine once you are in. I swim a few hundred metres, which is lots of lengths of alternating breaststroke and backstroke.

My run today was fairly good. I was getting down to 5min/km on the fast bits without feeling too overloaded. I may try another 'not parkrun' on Saturday and will do a long run on Sunday. I am thinking of another half marathon for early next month. I am just trying to push myself a little so that I can see some real improvements over the lockdown period.

Have a great day and run for your life!
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