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Steem for picks [STEEMGIG]


2 years agoSteemit2 min read

I've done a few posts previously on my guitar pick collection. People have been kind enough to send me more from around the world. I've had some from the US, Canada and Australia, including these from @sokal. You should be able to see the old posts from the tag I use, but I only see one here. Maybe the flood of posts these days means they can't handle all the old posts any more.


I'm keen to increase my collection and I have SBD to spend. So if you have any unusual picks then I may be interested. I'll cover reasonable postage and am happy to discuss prices for the picks themselves. It's pretty cheap to just send a few for regular letter rate. We can exchange delivery details in Steemit chat where I am also steevc. I don't mind if the picks are used. I have lots of the various Dunlops, but perhaps you have some promotional ones from a guitar shop or gear manufacturer. Artist picks are cool too. I know a lot sell them at gigs now. I know picks actually used by famous guitarists go for serious money, but if you have something to sell then we can discuss.

I have a few spares I'm happy to trade if anyone is interested.


I really want to see the market of goods for Steem take off. Why not use what you earn here to help others? It's not just about investing for the future.

On the subject of guitars, there's Washington Post article about the struggling guitar industry. They must wonder where the next generation of guitarists will come from when kids are into electronic music etc. They don't have the guitar idols we had a few decades back.

Keep on pickin' and grinnin'!

I'm Steve, the geeky guitarist.


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