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Let's See Closer to Carnelian


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A year ago, "gems fever" once hit almost all provisions in Indonesia, not least in Aceh. The "fever" I mean is, many people are getting interested to collect gems/agate from several corners of the country.

However, this year, I witnessed the splendor of agate stone has been reduced, even has begun to lonely. Unlike last year, when I saw agate sellers began to dominate every corner of the market. There are only visitors who swarm the agate sellers. Just like an exhibition.

Regardless of the seasonal fever. A friend of mine had just come back from India, he went there with a group to survey the history of relations between Aceh and India, he made an expedition in remote villages in India. Some of them are historical sites that have been unveiled by UNESCO in Gujarat.

This is a souvenir from my friend, there are still intact, still raw stone, some are already in the form of a beautiful stone ring. The craftsmen stone ring, according to the confession of my friend in India is still crowded, until now. I watched some pictures that he showed me through his smartphone.


Carnelian is one of the most famous rock types in the Indian region. According to the reference from Wikipedia, this stone, in addition to India is also often encountered in Brazil, Siberia, and Germany. Many people call carnelian with agate, but that is a name deviation.

Besides carnelian, my friend who has been exploring Gujarat also took home sard. I myself still lay about gems, precious stones that have high selling value. Here I will show you one by one the precious stones that already exist in my collection, including red carnelian, and some other stones that I don't know the types/names.

  • This stone is unique and a little clear. My friend said he did not know the name of this stone, but this stone is often used as a cement cast material, in Gujarat this stone is not important and has no selling value in the world of gems.

  • This is the so-called Carnelian, having the same style as the Sard, but there are some differences, which can sometimes deceive the eye because it has something in common with the layman about gems like me..

Carnelian is usually lighter, has an orange color to reddish brown. While sard, the color is darker, reddish brown to almost black. In addition, the carnelian is also softer, while the sard is harder and tougher.

  • "White Cempaka" dan "Honey Cempaka"
    I do not know the name of science or mention of the Indians, but people in our place call this stone with the name of "white Cempaka", in the first picture, the stone is still raw, and in the second picture, already in shape into a nice ring. While in the third picture, named with "honey Cempaka".

  • Among the few gems I have shown you, only these 2 precious stones that in my opinion are "AMAZING".

Why? Try you notice? Both types of this stone when I flashing using a flashlight, it emits "contents". That is very similar to the nebula in outer space. My friends call the left stone with the name "moss stone", and the right one with the title "needle sandalwood".

  • "Black Onyx"
    Often worn by gold forges, by rubbing gold on this stone wall. But the two stones in the picture above have been formed into 3 pieces black ring.

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Photo Taken With: Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime | 2019


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