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7 months agoFundition2 min read

Christmas is not far away and so are my holidays, I won't be able to work much on Steem Telly until the new year but this is either the last or before last update on the app.

Bug fixes

  • The content of the Top Shelf was stuck for days up until I uploaded a new version of the app to the Apple TV. This is now fixed and it is now updating properly, every now and then it will refresh the list of Hot Videos.
  • Some content from @dsound were not playing inside the app. It turns out it's because the Apple TV could not determine the format of the sound due to an incorrect Content-Type header reported by the IPFS gateway. The fix to this was for the app to not go to IPFS directly but, instead, go to my server which then downloads and analyse the sound from IPFS and report the correct header for the app to be able to determine the correct format...
  • While that work around did fix the playback, it also broke the ability to scrub. However, during today's video demo recording, that bug fixed by itself lol.


  • As I was testing on the actual device connected to my TV in the living room, I realised the thumbnails were small and tehre was a lot of wasted space between them. So I re-adjusted the image sizes and used larger fonts making it more comfortable to read from the couch
  • As I was commuting back from work today, I modified the search (powered by by @thekyle). It is now searching for videos, sounds, sounds by author, sounds by genre, sounds by tags. This is still on-going.

Thank you to my backers and supporters

Big thanks to all those who have supported this project via donations or upvotes. As promised, any support of $1 or above will get a mention in my project updates. So thank you to: @evildido @jeffandhisguitar @waybeyondpadthai @imacryptorick @nathanmars @thejohalfiles @quochuy @fundition  @dtube 

Video demo

As usual, the video demo has been uploaded to D.Tube:!/v/quochuy/hqglv9pc


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