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SteemSmarter Disclaimer


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As community members and builders, the @SteemSmarter team stands by the principles of Transparency, Simplicity and Actionability.

  • Without transparency, trust cannot be built.
  • Without simplicity, confusion reigns.
  • Without actionability, your time is wasted.

Our goal is to help you “Make Sense of Steem”.

In alignment with our principle of transparency, we want to explain how our data mining and reporting engine works so that you can trust the information presented in our reports. This disclaimer will be continuously updated as our approach and product evolves. Your feedback is always welcome.

Categories vs Tags

We include all of the tags in a post in our calculations.

If a tag is included at any position in a post (1-5), the post and its coresponding votes, comments, and accounts will be included in our scoring and daily reporting. We do not limit posts to just their category (first tag).

This approach for calculations means that discussions can be counted towards multiple tags. For example, when calculating total payouts for the tag "bitcoin" and in the same post the author also used the tag "crypto" then the post's would be included in the daily report calculations for both tags, "bitcoin" and "crypto".

As we keep evolving, we will be mindful if this is the correct usage or if only using the category (tag #1, the primary tag) is more appropriate. For now, we felt it gave too much emphasis in our engagement and financial health scoring.

Fish Scales - How we calculate account weight

We have developed our own definition of Fish Scales that builds on the pre-existing taxonomy in the Steem community. As there is no best practice benchmarking, our results may differ from other established methods, such as labeling on, and modifications on naming such as replacing "Orca" with "Sharks". We also use "Steem Power under control" rather than "Steem Power owned by account" to classify a user.

For example, if you have 1000k SP, but have delegated away 99k, then you are no longer considered a Shark, but instead a Minnow.

Tag Spamming

Our intention in creating a report that provides data on financial opportunity is to help mutli-passionate authors a better idea of the types of content the community demands.

This isn't a rewards grab. Please do not include tags completely irrelevant to your content — the community will not tolerate tag spamming and you risk the chance of getting downvoted. Our belief is that financial opportunity is a representation of demand; what content is in demand, so the community can respond accordingly with supply.

Interpretation of Data

We are in our early alpha stage of development, which is a fancy way of saying we're just getting started. As we continue to dive into the data and learn from the community feedback, we will refine our interpretation of the Steem blockchain data and community ecosystem; adjusting how to best calculate and represent actionable insights.

Plankton Exclusion

Based on internal deliberations and our review of the data at hand, we've decided that at times we may remove plankton from our calculations. This is particularly relevant when we begin to post "fish scale distribution", as we have found +90% of that distribution falls to plankton and skews the meaningfulness and clarity of our visualizations. Currently, we are including Plankton in both the Engagement and Financial Health scores.

Blacklisted Tags

We exclude a growing list of tags from our rankings that are intended to be used for specific reporting purposes or focused discussion and not for open usage.

Examples of this includes "witness", "plagiarism", and "abuse".

Blacklisted Spam Bots

We will be compiling an ongoing black list of known spam bots and removing them from our equations. To report a spam bot, please let us know in the comments or by emailing us at [email protected].

Base Currency

All rewards totals included in our equations are in USD and converted using the

All feeds pulled from

Also, all token prices are calculated at the time the report is complied, which is at ~3:00UTC daily.

Minimum Calculation Requirements

To be included in our daily calculations, a tag must meet certain minimum attributes:

  • Have at least 20 posts created within the 24 hour period
  • Have at least 16 hours of activity (a single post, vote, or comment) within the 24 hour period
  • Have at least 65% confidence level in our mining of data
  • Not be blacklisted

Steem smarter, not harder...
— SteemSmarter Team



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