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SteemSavvy Member Spotlight - @gadrian


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We switched things up last week with our first ever dApp spotlight and plan to continue that each month moving forward...

But this week we're back to what makes SteemSavvy's community so awesome...It's members!

And this week we're introducing a guy I've known for years and one of the smartest guys you'll meet on Steem. We're honored to have him join us this week for our brand new member spotlight.

Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to....


1. A brief introduction for the readers….Who is @gadrian ?

Thanks for thinking of me for the interview, Jon, appreciate it!

First of all, gadrian is, expectedly, Adrian.

Born, raised, educated and living in Romania. From some point forward self-educated, of course.

Never been outside Europe (not even when I was in Istanbul, never got to cross the bridge to Small Asia). But I plan to... at some point. :)

I have experience/background, in various degrees, in computer science/programming, financial markets, marketing, and now, compared to the masses, in crypto too.

I like to walk. Not run, not jog, simply walk (at various rhythms). A LOT! Not as much the treadmill, which is my backup option when I don't walk (I do have one pretty good at home, so I don't have to go to the gym).

2. You have experience in building online businesses, how important was that with your journey here on Steem?

It helped for sure. Especially that I was already comfortable blogging, even if it was at a different pace and in a different niche.

But today and especially in the future, blogging will become a much smaller part in the Steem ecosystem. We have to embrace that. After all, "tokenizing the internet" goal will only make blogging one small part in an ecosystem with various types of businesses, and we already see today the preamble of how that will look like.

That's why I feel in the future such experience might not matter as much. Entire communities will join and still use the same website they were using and are familiar with, when the owners will create their own token (SMT?). At least that's still the plan, right?

3. How did you find Steem Savvy and what has been your experience so far with the platform?

I heard it from you and joined right after you made it public (or maybe a little before that). I have gone through all the modules, except the latest videos you added or changed I believe.

It is, together with its discord server, an excellent tool for onboarding and training new steemians. With a target audience towards people who want to keep things simple (and English speaking too). Although it's not once I've seen you reply to people in their native language using Google Translate.

It's also a great tool to build up referrals in some of the dApps covered in the training. If you have a referral at SteemSavvy and he/she joins one such dApp using the link from the SteemSavvy training, he/she becomes your referral there.

gadrian — Steemit.png

4. Your blog on Steem covers a lot of the more in depth topics when it comes to the blockchain…Where do you see Steem as a blockchain, going in the next 3-5 years?

That's a tough question. I believe Ned dodged that question too and preferred to focus on a shorter term.

There are very high chances, I believe, that Steem will still be around 5 years from now. Which is not a small thing in the crypto world. And why am I saying that? Because it has become and will become cheaper to run Steem full and witness nodes (once MIRA is released).

As for our performance in 3-5 years, that depends on many factors. Some of them, in no particular order: our own progress (dApps, SMTs, communities, economics changes and stability), competition, investors, community engagement, marketing, a bigger and more decentralized market for STEEM mostly (more exchanges adding STEEM pairs).

5. There are dozens of dApps on Steem…Which would be your favourite and why?

I use multiple dApps daily. No favorites though, if I need a dApp, I use it. Recently I became a little more interested in dApps which offer Keychain support and are mindful about security issues.

So, Steemit is set as my default viewer in GINAbot.

I use @Partiko to reply to comments mostly.

I write my daily posts in @SteemPeak usually, but it's a great dApp for so much more than that.

If I have time to check out my feed, I usually do it on @SteeveApp , for its AI recommendations. Plus, it's one of the first dApps that had Keychain integration.

And of course the games, Steem Monsters and DrugWars, and their daily dose. To which soon NextColony will probably add.

6. If someone was brand new to Steem, what would you recommend that they do first (besides join Steem Savvy of course lol)

Find something you like and write about it, consistently. Find other people of that niche and see what they do, talk to them, comment on their work etc. Always reply to the comments you receive on your posts! If possible, upvote them too.

If you are not a writer, but you like to talk and aren't very shy, even better, @dtube awaits you, and its a great community there.

If you don't think you are a content creator at all, see if there is something on Steem that picks your interest. There are big gamer communities on Steem, which don't care much for writing, they mostly play games. They do sometimes like to share their gaming experiences (record them) and get rewarded with upvotes if they are good. Plus they can win rewards by playing the game, one way or another.

Most importantly of all, don't try to be something you are not! Just do something that suites you!

But of course, as you said Jon, it is important to join a program such as SteemSavvy, which teaches them, for example about the importance of powering up and growing their account, for their own long term benefit. And to be able to do more of the above!

I hope this helps a bit.

That was awesome man! Thank you so much for the insight and incredible answers.

For being an active member of the SteemSavvy community as well as such a huge asset to the entire Steem blockchain, we've sent you over some Steem Power delegation as a token of our appreciation!

Be sure to follow @gadrian on Steem and check out all his achievements as he progresses through the SteemSavvy training platform!

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