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PIVX, mid-cap cryptocurrency posts news and community updates on STEEM.

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I believe synergy between cryptocurrency projects is very important for adoption. Here we have @pivx, a 36 million dollar market cap cryptocurrency, posting news and community updates on STEEM. I confirmed via discord that this is their official account on STEEM.

As a community, we need to do a better job supporting their activity here, and encourage them to attract their large community (63k followers on Twitter alone) to get their updates via STEEM.

@pivx has a relatively low follower count and engagement here on STEEM, please give them a follow and some upvotes, and support their efforts to grow the cryptocurrency ecosystem here on STEEM and elsewhere! Let's encourage them to continue to engage the community via STEEM.

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 9.36.47 AM.png

@steempatron, is attempting to reward and retain Steemians who have large followings on platforms like YouTube and Twitter. This is in the hope they will evangelize STEEM to their many followers. Please consider supporting us by following this account, and upvoting its reblogs. You can also join the @steempatron curation trail via @steemauto.
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