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Dec 2: Building A Snowman


6 months agoeSteem

Building A Snowman

Hello Steemians and Cabalens,
A snow man is something I may never see or build because we don't have winter here but allow me to show you my art with a snowman. I joined the advent challenge 2019 activity which is a drawing challenge using the given daily prompts. It will end on Christmas day. Too bad I missed yesterday's post so I start today December 02. Building a snow man is the theme today.

My winter scene uses deep blues against white and big swirls of snow falling. Then I added two images building the snow man. I used a red scarf and a carrot for the nose which is quite common I think. When everything around is covered in white that will start to look magical. Clean bright and white.

Thank you for dropping by. Thanks @theithei for the drawing prompts. If you want to participate here is the link


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