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SteemNova - Weekly SBD reward scheme for members of the best alliances


2 years agochainBB5 min read

As stated in announcement post, SteemNova want to reward best players in Steem/SBD tokens for their involvement. This is going to be driving force for people interaction and rivalry. However the idea is to reward as much players as it could. Because of that the scheme will be based on top alliances membership. Setting up an alliance grouped with top-points players would be unprofitable. Even more, fight for influences of low accounts will be very profitable too. This is an experiment of how people would play a game if rewarded in Steem SBD tokens.

General idea

  • noone will get any free resources ingame. It is not possible to obtain extra metal or deuterium. The only value everybody gets is 100 Dark matter each 6 hour.
  • payments in Steem/SBD would vary depends on the action ingame. This is allies membership and maybe some extra events in the future (people hunting? dominance?).

How people can earn Steem/SBD by playing SteemNova game

  • weekly game payouts. Best alliances achieve shares of @steemnova authored posts. Described later.
  • development, probably through utopian-io:
    • contribute to new game featues
    • bughunting and bugfixing
    • graphics (logo, ships, buildings)
    • visuals (css, mobile UI, responsibility)
  • authoring posts about game (stories, tutorials, AARs)
  • authoring posts of combat reports, diplomacy, alliance recruitments etc.

Weekly game payouts

@steemnova will post weekly summaries of what happened last 7 days in the nova world. Links to greatest battles, war declarations and agreements between alliances, moon events etc. The most crucial part is current standing of TOP 8 alliances in the game and who is part of them.

The weekly summary posts with ranking count will occur at every sunday night, starting from next sunday 4th Feb 2018.

Only the best 8 teams will be rewarded as follows:

  1. 1st will get 34% of post SBD payout
  2. 2nd will get 21% of post SBD payout
  3. 3rd will get 13% of post SBD payout
  4. 4th will get 8% of post SBD payout
  5. 5th will get 5% of post SBD payout
  6. 6th will get 3% of post SBD payout
  7. 7th will get 2% of post SBD payout
  8. 8th will get 1% of post SBD payout
  9. rest (13%) goes back to @steemnova account and maybe delegates in future

Every player will get reward in SBD as their part of the Alliance.

Formula goes as follows:
Reward = Player Points / Alliance Points * Alliance Shares Percentage

@barbarossa = 11209 /38862 * 34% = 9,81% of post SBD payout

If the weekly post would earn 100 SBD, @barbarossa get 9,81 SBD reward.

Example for current situation

Summary for current standings 31.01.2018 21:00 CET:

Galaxy FleetPointsShares
Steem PolskaPointsShares
@Człowiek Iluzja32302,98%*
Synchronized WorldsPointsShares
BuildTeam GangPointsShares
Australian ImperiumPointsShares

Total rewarded 45 people out of 179

*percentage share of total SBD @steemnova weekly post payout


People registered names in game should be equal to Steem account name. This is necessary to get payment. Right now game accounts are not integrated with Steem, it is planned task in the future. For now just use same @nickname in the game, where You want to get reward to. You can change SteemNova account name in game options for one time ever.

The easiest way to pay players would be to make them beneficients of post article. However STEEM allows up to 8 beneficiaries at one time for single post. Because of that, @steemnova account will pay players in single transactions after 7 days post living.

For the Emperor!

"The Steem must flow"


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