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One Million Dollars


6 months ago2 min read

While the team was prepping our upcoming Splinterlands UNTAMED Kickstarter with physical products and the pre-sale of UNTAMED booster packs we were looking at some numbers.

We were having a look at the amount of transactions that have occurred on the market and realized we hit a milestone... a big one!

It turns out that the Splinterlands community, you the players, have collectively completed over 1,700,000 card transactions for more than 1,000,000.00 USD with each other!!!

How crazy is that! We've been around a little over a year and you guys have been furiously buying and selling cards this whole time! Who knew?!?

Since there's a 5% market fee (which is used to purchase dec off the market and is then used for prize pools) this impacts another great number: the amount of prizes we've awarded. Stay tuned for an announcement about that shortly!

To Celebrate we're hosting a tournament!

There's another announcement post that will be linked this one, but we're giving notice that we're putting together a 250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand) DEC tournament to celebrate (~$250). We've purchased that off the market today and will be setting up this tournament and one other. One tournament will be open to silver league level cards and the other will be for gold level gold foil cards.

We'll also sprinkle in some legendary summoners we got from the airdrop so the total prize pool of each of these tournaments should be over $300 each.

They'll start in early September, which coincidentally is when we hope to launch the Kickstarter campaign!

Many Thanks!

As per usual we want to thank the players for being awesome and passionate fans of the game, helping us build out one the most active gaming communities in all of crypto, helping us grow through the long alt coin winter, and pushing us to excel.

You're the best! And here's to the next million (USD) monsters traded!



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