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How To Come Up With Writing Ideas

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8 months agoSteemit2 min read

In order to be successful on steemit you need to write posts, you might have a few ideas but what happens when they run out ?


I try to be consistant with posting, and coming up with ideas is part of that, posting ideas actually come up very frequently, but they're always overlooked and don't get the proper development. Everyone is interested in something, and throughout the day a lot of things happen to us, we just need to have a creative perspective and an open mind about the things around us. Use your surroundings to your advantage, find ideas around you, they are always there desperately wating to be found, If you find an idea don't start out with a negative attitude, think about it's development and don't make things hard for yourself. Same goes with your interests, take them and develop them into a writing idea, create the post in your mind and then write and post it.


Be patient, if you want to achieve success you need to spend some time developing a writing idea, you need to work through all the scenarios of your post, but when writing the post, don't be afraid to step a little bit away from the path you've made, let your creativity flow.


Keep all this in mind and in no time you'll be making quality posts that will help you succeed.


Have A Great Day @Steemitwarrior


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