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Competition Results: Winners Announcement!


6 months ago2 min read

The Results Are In And The Winning Number Is 643!

We used Google's random number generator to pick the result of our competition and the winning number is 643! We would like to say a big thank you to everyone that entered this weeks competition. Don't worry if you didn't win as we're going to be creating a brand new competition tomorrow on Sunday 22/09/2019 for more SteemMonsters cards!

The Winner & Runner Up

This week our winner is @bengy who guessed 750 which is the closest number to 643 being only 107 away!. Our winner @bengy will receive a level 5 Highland Archer regular!

Second place goes to @tsnaks who guessed 500 which is 143 away from 643 and our second place @tsnaks will receive a level 1 Hobgoblin.

These cards will sent from @gringo211985 after this post has been published.

Thank you to everyone who took place in this competition and please check back tomorrow for our next competition where we will be giving away more SteemMonsters cards!

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