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SteemitBoard World Cup Contest - Collect badges and win free SBD - 1700 SBD prize pool!


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The Football World Cup 2018 organized by Russia will kick off tomorrow!

To participate to this worldwide event, @Steemitboard has prepared funny contest that will last for the whole duration of the competition and will allow you to collect badges and win free SBD.

The prize pool is currently 1700 SBD!

The contest is open to everybody, whether you are a football fan or not, and we made the participation process and rules as simple as possible.

Check the Word Cup 2018 tab on your board

Go to SteemitBoard website and type your name to access your board.
(You can install the SteemitBoard Google Chrome Extension to speed up this process.)

You will notice there is a new Word Cup 2018 tab which contains a badge for each match of the competition.

Your goal is to light up a maximum of badges among the 64 ones available!

How it works?

For each match, @steemitboard will publish a related post 24 hours before the match begins. You can check when match is scheduled by clicking on the locked badge.

Under each post, there will be comments made by @steemitboard:

  1. Team A win
  2. Team B win
  3. Tie

PS: The 3rd comment will only be present during group phase.

You simply have to vote for the comment that corresponds to the result you expect for the match.


  • The match Russia vs Saudi Arabia is scheduled 2018-06-14 at 15:00 UTC time

  • On 2018-06-13 at 15:00 UTC, @steemitboard will unlock the badge on your board and publish a post “World Cup Contest - Russia vs Saudi Arabia” with 3 comments:
    “RUS - Russia win”
    “SAU - Saudi Arabia win”
    “TIE - no winner”

  • If you think Russia will win, vote for the first comment.
    If you think Saudi Arabia will win, vote for the second comment.
    If you think the result will be a tie, vote for the last comment.

Each time you successfully guessed a match result, the related badge on your board will light up!

What prize will you receive?

The prize pool will be split among participants using the following rules:

1st place: 20% of the prize pool
2nd place: 10% of the prize pool
3rd place: 5% of the prize pool

The remaining of the prize pool will be split among all participants proportionally to their number of lightened badges and the total of successful votes among participants.

All participants (excluded the 3 top winners) together lightened 1000 badges
You successfully guessed 34 match results.
You will receive 34/1000th of the remaining prize pool.

How to win the contest?

When the competition is over, we will count the number of badges collected by each participant. The more badges you have enabled, the higher your place in the ranking.

In the event of a tie between the top players, the winner will be the one who first lightened all his badges. This means that the badges obtained during the group stage will weigh more than those in the final.


  • Player A collected 10 badges during the group phase
  • Player B collected 9 badges during the group phase and 1 for the final
    Therefore Player A will be the winner.

If there is still a tie after applying the previous rule, the voting time of the players will decide, the winner being the first to vote.

Contest Global Rules

Register the contest by sending 0.010 SBD or 0.010 STEEM to @steemitboardpool with “worldcup2018” in the memo. This is a one time registration to avoid the contest being spammed by bots.

Your registration will be added to the prize pool so you might get it back at the end of the contest.

You can join the contest at any time, but the sooner you get in, the more chances you have to win the 1st prize.

For each match:

  1. Vote for you preferred team BEFORE the match begins (official time)

  2. Only one vote will be taken into account.
    If you remove your vote and/or vote for another result, you will be disqualified for the match. Think twice before voting for your result!

  3. Votes cast after the scheduled start time of the match will be rejected.
    Be careful, all times mentioned within this contest will be UTC based! Check your timezone!

Good luck and enjoy the World Cup 2018!

Thanks to our sponsors

The actual pool size is 1700 SBD thanks to our generous sponsors. All of them are witnesses, therefore kindly consider voting for them if you have not done so yet!

NameSponsorship levelSupport
@good-karmaGold sponsorvote
@lukestokesGold sponsorvote
@arcangeSilver sponsorvote
@roelandpSilver sponsorvote
@drakosBronze sponsorvote
@steemitboardBronze sponsorvote
@yabapmattBronze sponsorvote

Anyone wishing to join the list of sponsors to help increase the prize pool is welcome! Contact @arcange on if you are interested.

Steemitboard is a project created by @arcange


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