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Tracking SMT Development Progress


10 months agoSteemit4 min read

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Smart Media Token pioneers! In today’s post we want to talk to you briefly about how we’re developing SMTs in an open and transparent manner so that anyone can follow along as we progress toward the release dates we announced last week.

Follow the Development of SMTs

Since the development of SMTs is being spearheaded by the Steemit blockchain team, all of the development for that protocol has been happening for a while now in the public Steem blockchain repository. We understand that this is a highly technical repo and, as it is not dedicated specifically to the development of SMTs, those who are only interested in following what is happening with that protocol are required to sift through otherwise irrelevant information. That is changing!

An Open Tracking System

We have now created an organization and tracking system for SMT development! There you will see every single work item our blockchain team has identified needs to be completed in order to launch SMTs on the dates we have announced. In fact, those dates are based on the time estimates the team has assigned to each one of the work items contained within that system.

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Improved Engineering Processes

We have spent the last six months making significant changes to better improve internal processes. We have hired more amazing talent, updated our culture around making and achieving dates on our deliverables, and streamlined our engineering processes so that we can produce more high-quality code, at a faster rate, with greater predictability in our schedule. These new processes are what helped us to deliver Hivemind 1.0 and AppBase, and will soon enable us to deliver Hardfork 20.

Because this system contains everything needed to release SMTs, it has a wide range of user stories. Some will be immediately obvious to the average Steem user, while others are more technical in nature. Below is a small selection of example user stories you will find within the system:

Also in GitHub, you’ll find more issues dealing with items like: managing the names of all SMTs, enabling Initial Coin Offerings (and handling their success or failure), leveraging delegations to bootstrap an SMT, constructing the Automated Market Makers, and more. You can also see everything that we’ve already accomplished in the “Done” column.

Unknown Unknowns

All of this being said, there will no doubt be new issues, problems, and solutions that we have not yet considered that come up during the development process. These will be added to this tracking system the moment they have been discussed and sized. Even knowing that there will likely be some unplanned surprises with development, we are confident that our system for generating forecasts takes these unknowns into account, and they will not interfere with our ability to deliver SMTs on time as per the announced schedule.

We know how interested so many developers, users, and entrepreneurs are in the development of SMTs, which is why we’re excited to share this system with you all. Every bit of information you could possibly need to know about SMT development will be available in this one convenient location.

If you’d like to learn more about our SMTs protocol, and monitor our progress toward its completion, head over to

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Steem Blockchain Team


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