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Do you want to MAKE MONEY by guessing BTC/USD at SteemGuess?


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SteemGuess is a simple BTC/USD prediction application. For a better understanding of Steem Guess, see "What is the Steem Guess?"

In this post we will simply explain the tournaments and what you can do to win in tournaments.

On the SteemGuess home page, the current bitcoin price and coordinated universal time meets us. We will make our prediction based on these values and the time of the tournament we will participate in.

For Example :


The current bitcoin price is 12265.00 and we assume that we will participate in the nearest tournament for UTC 18:26. In this case, the "nearest upcoming tournament" will be as follows.(UTC 20:00)


that is, we have about 20 minutes to participate in the tournament and 1 hour and 20 minutes before the tournament ends. (You will not be able to participate in the tournament when there is less than 1 hour before the end of the tournament.)

Based on this information, we will estimate how much BTC/USD will decrease or increase in 1 hour 20 minutes and write our value and we will join tournament.


After you make the payment, you will participate in the tournament.If your prediction is closest to the BTC/USD price at the time of the tournament, you will win the total amount of money. And you will have your name on the Winners.

Even if you are the only participant of the tournament, you can take your place in the winners section.


Now you can Join the Tournament


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