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Experimenting Photography with Cannon-Powershot A1100


2 years agoBusy3 min read

I always have been fascinated by good Photography. Though I am not a vivid photographer, but I do like to do take some shots occasionally with my smartphone. Being into Steemit for long time, I came along quite a few photographers who are terrific in their job. I have seen some master class, with the photography skills, be in nature, animal, flower, many steemians have presented with a unique angle and made the object a different altogether.

Quite influenced with the master class, recently I managed to own a small budget Cannon Powershot A1100 camera, to try my hands into photography world. Still not much habitual and any professional knowledge, I try to learn the different aspect Photography by my own. Quite excited to own my Powershot, The first thing that I try on my new camera, is macro-photography. I have seen many posts, where the objects were into the limelight and the background totally blurred.


This is my first Macro Photography using the foliage option, and tried on my small terrace garden. Hope I managed to take my first macro-photography well. Though it was not a one shot affair, it took me a while to know the different option available on my camera. Looking at the different option, first I choose, the Foilage option, totally unware of the results, I took my first shot,


I was unsure what had happened in there, The shot I was looking was not this one. I further investigate into the camera, to see there are two more further option of Macro & Infinity in foliage set up. So then I went out to try the photography with Infinity option,


Ohh….here it is my learning, Infinity set up allows you to take the shot of far objects, keeping the closer one blurred. Wowooo, quite excited to learn, first self-lesson on photography. Still un- satisfied, what I was looking for , I switched the set up to Macro, and take another shot of the same plant with same angle


Bingoo... There it is,... this what actually I was looking for, and a shot so hot, Macro set up is just opposite of Infinite. This set up allows you to take the closer object into limelight and blurring all the background. My second learning in a day, and I took a sigh of relief, of getting what I was trying. The experimenting also help me in exploring few new thing on the camera, and taking some Powershot

Hopefully , I succeeded in getting to know few of photography skills. I know there are still many things to explore and learn in Photography world. Still amateur, I will try to be better as the days goes on. Any further suggestion and knowledge to improve are most welcome

I will make sure to explore more option on my Cannon-Powershot A1100S

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