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Where to Focus on Steem When we have so Much Happening Together. 🙄 Keep Doing What You Do Best😊


4 months agoDTube

Hello Steemians & Lovely Dtubers

So many things happening at same time and same place. Afterall It is Our Steem BlockChain. And we need to keep focus on doing what we are best at. (Palcoin), HF-21 (Controversial EIP), Facebook- Libra . Content creation, Curation ,Community..there are so many things which keep you hooked an help you busy.

With all sudden wave of these updates I need to focus on doing what I am best at. Either Creation or Curation. I feel the whale pond won't let me to drown and they always concern of individual growth after Steem is Community Oriented👍👍

Keep Steeming...Steem On!!

Thanks & Namaste


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