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Welcome back to Steem Flea Market!

@STEEMFLEAMARKET is the original, free-to-use circular market hub focusing on trading, buying/selling and giving away the stuff you no longer need to those that do!

We will have a submit form so you can start making offers soon!

In the mean time, create a post with your offer and use the appropriate tags from below. Your post will be upvoted to the best of our power to help you cover some costs.

Good to know:

  • ❌ Spam will be flagged. Same goes for bogus offers that are designed to scam people.
  • ❌ Your posts should maintain the tag structure outlined in this guide. If not, it will be ignored and not considered an official @steemfleamarket listing.
  • ✔ follow the format of the template provided below.
  • ✔ helps us stay clean and flag anything that doesn't meet our standards.
  • ✔ upvote awesome offers! Giving is healing is receiving 💖


To post,

1. Create a post - copy & paste the template found below.
2. Replace CAPITALIZED text and fill in the information.
3. Use the hashtag #steamfleamarket and choose at least one additional tag from categories provided below. This is VERY important.
4. OPTIONAL: Go to our Discord and leave your post link to help others find your offer easier and get more support!

Drag and drop your article/product image here, in the beginning of your post.

**Contact Info:**

**Price:** **enterNUMBER** SBD (To buy, transfer SBD and enter posturl/offer name as your memo)
**Shipping Cost:**
**Total Cost:**
**Condition:** New or Used
**Brief Description:**
- use bullet points

**More Pictures:**

3. Use hashtag #steemfleamarket and choose one more from this list:



When both parties have reached an agreement and your service/giveaway/goods were sold, then use this thank you banner to indicate that your shop has closed the deal:

Version 2 Sold.png

That's pretty much it. This is a beta setup. Please follow @steemfleamarket for more updates to our system in the future.


Special thanks to @hyperfundit for allowing us to explore greater possibilities. Even though we have not applied to their sponsorship program, I'm sure we may in the future. @steemfleamarket has been here from the beginning and all it needed was a system to operate and @hyperfundit created a perfect template for our use-case, for which I'm grateful to them. For this reason, least I can do is vote for their witness as well as encourage you to do the same:


hyperpartiko vote 50px.png steemconnect 50px.png


Would You Please Support @steemfleamarket?

@steemfleamarket will use all delegated SP to feed individuals and families on the steem blockchain - by using the delegated power to help those donating their stuff to pay for shipping fees and help cover the initial costs of the items being donated. Would you please delegate some SP to us?
1 | 5 | 10 | 25 | 50 | 100 SP.

Custom Amount of SP (Replace “EnterYourAmountHere”):

By upvoting #steemfleamarket offer posts, you directly support the free markets of and promote voluntaryist principles of our communities. All upvote proceeds go to #steemfleamarket merchants to help them grow and give back to our many communities here on


BECOME OUR PARTNER! Say hello in our [Discord](


@steemfleamarket is a peer-to-peer circular marketplace and is not responsible for transactions between individuals. Maintain trust among your selves and respect our community! Happy trading!

What will you give today? (っ◔◡◔)っ ❤️

Ask for stuff! | Offer something!


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