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Official CryptoSicko 'Whitelist' for week starting 20th October 2019

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Hello CryptoSicko's, Welcome to to Sundays update post. This week has seen us earning more consistent curation rewards, i think that in a few more weeks of saving up STEEM POWER, i will beable to start a bigger power down and start to lease more PS from the secondary market giving a higher value upvote for all members. It might take a few months to get upto full power but based on the fugures i am seeing now, i should bebale to add around an additional 25000 STEEM bring CryptoSicko upto over 70,000 voting SP.

Stop wasting your hard earned SBD/STEEM to pay for low ROI bidding/instant upvote bots

This week we have 47 delegating members. This shows as 36,650 SP from delegating members and 0SP coming from CSB bundles. I pay for a lease's of 17,550SP and the CryptoSicko bot is using 2500 of its own SP giving us a total voting SP of 57,000 and a max upvote of 0.67 STU
. Now is a great time to just go for it and take the first steps into he world of delegating with great returns.

100SP 250SP500SP1000SP2000SP3000SP

What's the big idea?

The project is to build a new type of bot. A bot that does not require you to send STEEM/SBD everytime you want to use it, a bot that will let you unlock your STEEM POWER into upvotes and a bot that will auto vote your posts every single day.
CryptoSicko Bot will operate and provide daily upvotes to members that delegate STEEM POWER to @steemcryptosicko
My aim to provide users with an upvote that would be much greater than normal self-voting. When you self vote your own post at 100%, you are using 1 of your daily 10 max upvotes. I aim to provide an upvote that is closer to 9ish upvotes added together.

The great thing about it is you are always in full control of your STEEM POWER as it is delegated giving you the complete freedom to join and quit at will.

How it works

The bot itself is setup on its own server and can be configured to upvote a whitelist of users. The aim is to provide a daily upvote with each user a getting personal set timer that counts down 22 hours from when they last received an upvote from @steemcryptosicko. The bot can be configured to upvote different users different percentage's based on their delegation to CryptoSicko Bot and will be changed on a weekly basis every Sunday.
CryptoSicko Bot is no autovoter are even close. She is an amazing piece of kit and she is programmed to provide an equal service to all users weather they have 100 SP are 1000 SP delegated.

Here is everything you need to know about CryptoSicko


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