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Steemcreative: The Witness is LIVE


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On my regular account, @swelker101, I made the announcement the other night that I have closed down my witness under that name and completed the upgrade to HF20.2 to the account @steemcreative.

You may be asking yourself why I did this, and I have the answers for you right here.

  1. I easily have the worst "normal" username on the platform
  2. @isaria has joined in an official capacity
  3. Cats

#2 is probably the main point to focus on. You see, @isaria does so much stuff for users on the platform. Let's take a look at some of our projects and initiatives.

Steem Creative Curation Show

  • Be sure to join us every Sunday on Msp-waves for our weekly shenanigans as we sing horribly for no reason, randomly yell at each other, conduct the airing of grievances, talk about cats, and promote posts by talented, creative Steemians!

Steemit Musicians

  • Immediately following the Steem Creative Curation Show, we slide right into Steemit Musicians. This is the show where we play as many of the top-5 picks from the most recent opne-mic contest. We are sometimes joined by @krystle, who also seems to love yelling at Shane. We also love giving away 30 Steem split amung the top 3 vote getters from the show!

Minnow University

  • Shane and Isaria are joined by @aggroed on Staurday nights at msp-waves, as we talk about random happenings with the intent of discussing how great the Steem blockchain is and how to increase your account. We also use this opportunity to curate posts using the @msp-curation account. Come on in, join the fun and sometimes wacky discussion, and bring a post for curation!

The Peace Academy

  • The conversation continues as we join @aggroed for The Peace Academy. You never know what the conversation will turn into on this one, but we have fun, and you will as well.


  • @isaria runs this account which she uses to curate musicians and people that delegate to @msp-music!

Projects that we support by being members or delegations!

  • Helpie
  • The Alliance
  • Minnow Support Project
  • @msp-waves
  • Steemit Ramble

Other happenings

  • Did you know that we donate 25 Steem each week to the #openmic contest? Well, we do. We would love to increase this as our witness grows!
  • @isaria is entrenched in the @steemmonsters team. She writes music for the game! Very cool!
  • Shane (@swelker101) is the longest running Moderator at @minnowsupport's Discord. He's been there since day one and up until the launch of @steemcreative ran a witness for over a year.

Future Plans and endeavors

  • We are working on opening our own Discord soon (Yes another one!) where we will be having weekly contests designed to reward participants and increase enagement on the platform.
  • We are in the early stages of creating a dapp for the Steem blockchain (Information will be released in due time)
  • Shane is currently teaching himself coding to learn as much as possible and create tools for the chain

Now for the Hard Sell!

The link below will allow you to vote for our witness. We would be proud to have your vote, and look forward to a successful Steem future!

Thank you!

Shane and Isaria... And Snibby the Cat


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