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Don´t Trust Any Mainstream Media Headlines In The Cryptosphere!


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We are all acting in a new market, a market that threatens the powerful and might be the dawn of a new era. But unfortunately that fact didn´t change the behavior of mainstream media so far, which are still pushing out catchy headlines for short term traffic on their websites regardless of their degree of truth...

Many might have noticed that e.g. those recent happenings in Korea lead to a bunch FUD after all! Once again the Mainstream Medias used their chance to write some catchy headlines, most probably contributing to a massive fear and sell off among newcomers and uninformed investors. Fortunately there are crypto news out there, which are not just keen on short term traffic regarding this emerging market and publish a more critical and true perspective!

(Source - Google News Preview from 13. January)

That all being said it´s always a wise decision to choose the media you like to follow carefully and to really read more than just the headlines before selling any of your valuable coins 😉

What´s your opinion on this?
I´d really love to hear and discuss about it!

(P.s.: In case you want to know more about the happenings in Korea you might be interested in my yesterdays Post.)

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