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Enhanced Votes Graph 8 May 2019


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Steem Basic Income

Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

VP Management

Upvoting Reward multipliers are currently at 1.10x until our Voting Power recovers to 80%. Our VP is getting low enough that quite a few accounts are starting to be impacted by our maximum votable amount. If you are limited by this and have delegation in place, you might consider leasing through until our VP recovers. (Our orders are all for 24 weeks, but delegation can be withdrawn by the delegating account at any time).
We will continue aggressively issuing regular lease orders until we are able to bring our VP up to our target levels.

Enhanced Votes Graph

We last published this graph that 'maps' the interrelationships in our member pool seven days ago. Here is our graph and analysis from last time we published it:

And here is the graph from this week. You can start to see the impact of our new cross-linked self-voting strategy. We are still targeting only 10% of our total VP to be spent on self-voting, but it is delivered through our regular voting bot (with voting accounts chosen dynamically for each post). That means our additional voting accounts will start to show in the graph.


(img source

It only shows people that regularly upvote each other or @steembasicincome, or have high subscription levels for regular upvotes that are too big for our smaller voting accounts to deliver. That makes sense, because we have over 4800 active members that are voted by ten different accounts. All of those interrelationships would be too much for this chart.

Member spotlight: @freewritehouse

@freewritehouse just completed a focused campaign to encourage sponsorship from their community and increase their SBI support base. I didn't tally the results yet, but it looks like there has been some great success, as they are well connected within our votes graph now!

As is often the case with the featured member vote graphs, theirs is full of accounts that you should check out. I see many talented writers, community builders, and amazing individuals.


Change the account name in the Steem Reports link to any account you want to look at:


If you want to get involved, or to increase the level of basic income that you receive, enrollment is pretty straightforward:

Just send 1 STEEM to @steembasicincome. Include the name of a Steemian to sponsor in the transaction memo (preceded by @). You and the person you sponsor will each receive 1 unit in the program. You can sponsor any active Steemian (except for yourself), it does not have to be a current member.

If you're unclear, please check out our full transaction memo guidelines and then let us know if you have any questions.

The official currency for enrollment is STEEM. If we choose to accept SBD without refunding it, you do not receive extra value for it.

Enrollments are processed automatically every 144 minutes.


Please read our FAQ. If you still have questions, ask in the comments section or join us in our discord channel.

You can look up your current membership levels by using !sbi status in a comment, or by using the #bot-commands channel in our discord server.

The Block Party! ➡️June 20th-23rd

Steem Basic Income is an official sponsor of The Block Party.

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