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The Steemleo Weekly Writing Contest Week #4 | Can Social Media on the Blockchain Work in the Real World?


3 months ago4 min read

Last Week's Winners for "What is Your Most Heavily Weighted Investment Sector and Why?"

Last week's (extended for 2 weeks) prompt asked you to talk about your diversification strategies and your top investments. There were a bunch of amazing entries to sort through and the top 3 have been chosen:


@felander submitted: "What is my most Heavily Weighted Investment Sector and Why?" You've earned 250* LEO Power and will receive a 100% upvote from @leo.voter on a future post.

@felander gives a well-rounded take on several market sectors and describes his process and journey of diversification in his various investments.


@tonytrillions submitted: "My Entry To The Steemleo Weekly Writing Contest #3" You've earned 150* LEO Power and will receive a 75% upvote from @leo.voter on a future post.

@tonytrillions gives a very "steemy" perspective on investing and diversification in the crypto space. There are trillions of ways to invest in the crypto space, and @tonytrillions has a long-term plan for a nice and wide exposure to several crypto assets.


@ecoinstant submitted "Investment Survey - Diversification within or between Investment Sectors?" You've earned 100* LEO Power and will receive a 50% upvote from @leo.voter on a future post.

In a stroke of luck (or perhaps, universe-level signs), @ecoinstant received an email from a family member asking for perspectives about how to invest as a 17 year old. Meshed well with this week's writing contest, @ecoinstant describes his advice for navigating the infinite options in the world of investing.

There were two runner up entries that I just wanted to make a special mention of. @belemo's Steem Lens Investment Strategy and @mistakili's Most Heavily Weighted Investment Sector. These posts were great and are definitely worth a read in addition to the top 3!

This Week's Contest Details:

The New Writing Prompt For This Week: "Can Social Media on the Blockchain Work in the Real World?"

It’s as open ended as you want it to be. In case you’re stuck, here are a few (optional) talking points that you could consider:

  • What is your experience with social media on the blockchain (i.e. on Steem-based platforms?) or on other platforms outside of Steem
  • Does your usage of blockchain social media look similar to your previous or current usage of traditional social platforms?
  • Do you think there are any scaling issues with social media on a blockchain?
  • Do you think tokenization and rewarding users for social interactions causes bad behavior in general?
  • Do you think incentivization mechanisms like the Steem rewards pool take away from the "social" aspect of social media?
  • Where do you see social media on the blockchain in 5-10 years? Dead in the water or adopted by the masses?


  1. Minimum of 300 words
  2. Must be Posted From Our Interface:
  3. Deadline for Submissions Exactly 7 days from when this post is published (post payout date/time). Winners will be chosen shortly after.
  4. Tag your post with #leowritingcontest so we can find it!
  5. (optional) share the link to your post on Twitter and earn a bonus upvote from @steem.leo

Note on Upvotes: We'll be curating each and every admissible post submitted for the writing contest with @leo.voter in addition to the normal prize pool.

Prize Pool:

First Place --> 100 LEO Power + 1x 100% upvote from @leo.voter on a future post
Second Place --> 75 LEO Power + 1x 75% upvote from @leo.voter on a future post
Third Place --> 50 LEO Power + 1x 50% upvote from @leo.voter on a future post


*How are the winners chosen? --> Posts are nominated by the curators in our discord channel. Nominations are tallied and the final winners are given a final round of curation and then selected.

*Can you win multiple contests back-to-back? --> yes, winners are chosen based on the quality of their submission. If you submitted a winning post last week and submit another amazing post that beats out all the competition this week, then you deserve the W.

*Do I need to share a link to my entry in the comments? --> No, you don't have to share a link in the comments. We'll find you based on the #leowritingcontest tag in your post. You can (optionally) share the Steemleo post link on Twitter for bonus upvotes from @steem.leo.

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