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Steemleo's Strategy for Onboarding the Masses to Steem: Financial Content Syndication Strategy


5 months ago6 min read

First of all, credit for this genius marketing plan goes to Steemleo curator and Splinterlands wizard/spreadsheet master @nealmcspadden.

Content syndication is just a fancy way of saying: we're going to curate investing content from other websites and post it onto Steemleo.

Obviously, there are quite a few nuances that are going on as well to make this a strategy rather than a simple copy/paste job.

Why Syndicate Content?

Why would we spend any time/resources syndicating content?

The benefit of syndicating content from a variety of high-quality investment authors is that we can onboard new users and content creators who are already posting about investment-related topics, but who haven't yet discovered the Steem blockchain and the Steemleo community.

One of the main purposes for creating Steemleo was to create a solution for the onboarding issue on the Steem blockchain. Clearly, Steem is not growing in userbase and in fact, the opposite has been happening over the past 2 years since the major bull run.

A correction can be expected, especially in terms of price.. but a social network needs people to be a social network.

We need a growing userbase and we need tools to find and onboard new people into the ecosystem.

Recently, there have been talks of light accounts (now more properly dubbed "wallet addresses") coming in HF22 -- the Hard Fork that will follow HF21 which will happen in 2 weeks.

Wallet addresses are going to be a massive leap forward in solving the broad issue of onboarding new users, but it is still only 1 part to the greater equation.

We still need to entice people to come to Steem.

We still need more content creators.

We still need to do something in the meantime.

Steemleo content syndication is the answer (at least, for the Steemleo tribe).

We'll be leveraging this strategy to bring high-quality content creators to Steemleo & Steem by following a simple process:

  1. Find a high-quality investment author on a "traditional" social media site (i.e. Seeking Alpha)
  2. Create a Steem account for this author
  3. Syndicate content from this author's blog onto the official syndication account we have created: @leo.syndication
  4. Set the author as the beneficiary to the rewards receieved from their syndicated content
  5. Unleash the power of the community by continually reaching out to the author, linking the account we've created in their name and showing them that they have crypo sitting in there from the content they've created in the past
  6. The author reaches out to the Steemleo team via Discord or Twitter to verify their identity and claim the account
  7. We show them the ropes (if they're interested) of how Steem & Steemleo works and how they can directly publish their content on the blockchain and earn rewards
  8. New content creators flood the blockchain and potentially bring a portion of their audience along with them

Rinse and repeat 1,000 times.

The First Syndicated Article is Already Live:

At the time of writing this, 1 syndication account has been created and 1 article from the named author has been posted as well. This will serve as a great example to see this process in action.

Click here to read the first syndication post

The Math: How Can This Play Out?

Imagine if, over the next several months, we created 1,000 accounts in the names of various financial authors from different websites across the internet.

After syndicating dozens of articles from each of these authors, they would have a nice little stack of crypto in the account we have created for them.

All they have to do is realize that it exists, reach out to Steemleo and then claim the account and bam, they've claimed some free internet money for content they've created elsewhere.

If just 10 out of the 1,000 authors we syndicate actually follow through on this, claim their Steem account and decide to start posting their content through Steem alongside the traditional sites they already use, imagine the impact it could have on Steem.

10 doesn't sound like much, but what if each of these 10 authors had an average of 1,000 fans in their audience (very small audiences, by normal standards). Let's say that 100 of these fans eventually catch wind that their favorite author is posting on a "blockchain" and they find out that they too can earn cryptocurrency for doing what they already do -- engaging with content from their favorite author.

We Need Your Help

We've already had a few community members step up in Discord and offer to syndicate financial articles from various authors that they already follow.

This led to another idea which will benefit both the Steemleo community members as well as the Steemleo platform:

Designated Syndication Specialists (DSS).. Maybe that title will catch on, maybe not.

**The point is: if you want to syndicate articles for Steemleo, message @khaleelkazi on discord. **

We'll start with just a few people and see how it goes. Then we can scale the team up and expand if the strategy seems to be working smoothly.

If you syndicate an article, you will be named as the 40% beneficiary to the rewards on the post. The other 60% will go to the unclaimed account that we have created for the author of the content you are syndicating.

The beneficiary rewards will be in both LEO and STEEM, and potentially other tribe tokens as well (when relevant to the post and if the tribe has the beneficiary rewards setting enabled).

Another major way that you can help with the syndication strategy is by reaching out to the authors and telling them about their Steem account.

For example, you might tweet to @thedividendguy and tell him that we've syndicated content from his blog onto the blockchain and he has pending rewards on the Steemleo platform. Link him to the unclaimed account's wallet page and/or the Steemleo Twitter or Discord links and try to connect us with him (or any other author in the syndication group).

The Future

There is obviously way more that goes into this than we can write in just 1 post. This plan will evolve with time, experience and more authors being added to the list and onboarded. We'll continue to refine the strategy and make sure that we're doing everything possible to get high-quality authors onto Steemleo & Steem.

A lot of new tribes have popped up since we launched, this is awesome and it is the vision of communities and SMTs finally brought to the Steem blockchain.

One thing that is abundantly clear is that we need to onboard new users and new content creators. There is boundless opportunity here on Steem, but only if we can grow the userbase and get new blood into the ecosystem. Steemleo's founding mission is to be one of the communities that onboards the next generation of Steemians. 🦁



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