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Leodex V3 Launching January 21st | Candlestick Charts for Tokens, LeoServices, Token Info and More!


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The number of daily users on Leodex has grown substantially in the past few months. We’ve seen a 1000% increase in the fees collected by @leodex (a STEEM—>STEEMP gateway) and have also seen a lot more users of the dex interface itself.

On the current version of Leodex, there are simple depth charts for each token. On Monday, V3 will launch with a long-awaited feature: Candlestick Charts.

Along with this change comes an entirely new set of services and features that we haven’t had available before. The official launch post will share more of the specific details, but here are the main features and fixes that will be available come Monday the 21st:

(New) Tokens Page:

  1. Search by Symbol
  2. Track Tokens by Market Cap

Market Page:

  1. Candlestick Charts
  2. Search By Symbol
  3. Expanded List of Tokens for the Market Page
  4. $ Values for Bid/Ask/Last/Volume
  5. Fix for Bid & Ask Prices to Populate Both Buy/Sell Orders
  6. Fix for Trade History

(New) Services Page:

The Leo Services page will feature a suite of services provided by Steemleo. Many of these are under the L.A.B.S. initiative that we started a while back, shortly after tribes were launched.

Many users have asked if we would ever make a web interface to access certain features such as token airdrops, our proof of delegation (PoD) feature for tokens and other services that we have provided to various token creators/tribe owners on Steem.

The initial version of the page will launch with 1 or 2 services and others will be added as time goes on.

(New) Leoswap Page:

Leoswap is an interesting feature and we can imagine a wide array of use cases for it. At launch, one token will be available for swaps: DEC.

A swap will allow you to click a button and instantly convert STEEM into DEC, STEEMP into DEC or DEC into STEEM at a predetermined price. We can connect any token to the Leoswap exchange service, but you need to contact us beforehand. Eventually, we will integrate the setup for this feature as a service on the Leo Services page.

Set Your Calendar for 9:30 A.M. EST on January 21st!

Leodex V3 will be a glorious upgrade. Hope to see you there and using the new version on Monday. 🦁

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