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Writing Contest! - 4 Days Left before SteemBet Launch!


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Dear Steem community,

This is our 4-day countdown post before launching on February 13, 2019!

To engage with the Steem community more, and to reward more early supporters with SBT (SteemBet token) before launch, we would like to host a writing contest!


Writing Contest Topic: Which game do you think can be greatly enhanced using blockchain technology? And why?

Contest starts now

Contest ends at Feb 12, 2019 00:00:00 UTC


  • Resteem this article
  • Mention @steem-bet in the article
  • Include link of this post in the article
  • Post article link in the comment section of this article
  • No requirement on the number of words

Every participant can earn 50 SBT

We will host a poll on Feb 12 and select 3 winners

Winner 1 gets extra 200 SBT and 10 STEEM

Winner 2 gets extra 100 SBT and 5 STEEM

Winner 3 gets extra 50 SBT and 2 STEEM

We look forward to your participation!

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