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7 Days Left before SteemBet Launch!


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Dear Steem community,

Thank you for all the support! In just one day, we got 220 followers and 1175 people upvoted our article and 350 people resteemed it! Steem is fantastic!

On February 13, we will officially launch SteemBet for you to play. Everyday before that, we will post about updates and answer people's questions!

Top 20 SBT (SteemBet Token) holders

  1. @aggroed: 2392.7 SBT
  2. @maxer27: 2216.8 SBT
  3. 1858.5 SBT
  4. @hilarski: 1726.2 SBT
  5. @stackin: 1337.4 SBT
  6. @abh12345: 1198.1 SBT
  7. @abcor: 1185.2 SBT
  8. @ash: 772.1 SBT
  9. @elevator09: 760.3 SBT
  10. @tipu: 754 SBT
  11. @oldtimer: 718.8 SBT
  12. @alauddinsee: 671.4 SBT
  13. @abacam: 666.5 SBT
  14. @lichtblick: 659.5 SBT
  15. @youmab: 656.2 SBT
  16. @ebargains: 651.8 SBT
  17. @taskmaster4450: 644.4 SBT
  18. @abrockman: 632.2 SBT
  19. @xeldal: 625.8 SBT
  20. @etcmike: 625.8 SBT

How to Earn SBT?

Our users can earn SBT when they play our game after we launch. Currently, you can earn SBT by resteeming our announcement post.

Who's behind SteemBet?

SteemBet is owned by an Asia-based gaming business and we are working with a team who have experience developing a few top 10 betting games on EOS. Due to legal reasons we can't disclose the identity of team members.

What is Your Website?

We will announce the website when we launch.

When is the Launch Date?

The launch date is February 13, 2019.

Special Thanks

We want to specially thank @shepz1 for sending us 34 STEEM to help us with low Steem Power! Love to Steem community!

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