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#Promo-Steem Curation Synopsis || 15-NOV-2019


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Daily #Promo-Steem Curation Synopsis showcases the brilliant promo work done by Steemians to promote Steem Blockchain.



Steem - Use Brave to buy more STEEM!

Author: @jrcornel

If you are reading this post, there is a decent chance you are already using the Brave browser. Brave was launched several years ago with the intent of giving the power back to the users. It's based on the Chrome web browser but instead pays you for clicking on ads. It works by showing a pop up in the corner every so often relating to an ad. You, the user then has the option of ignoring or clicking the popup which will then display the ad. Every time you display the ad you are credited with a small amount of BAT tokens.

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SteemPeak - Update v2.1 - Burn Promotion System Improvements

Author: @steempeak

A new version of SteemPeak is now available. This release contains some changes to the Burm Promotion System and other minor improvements. Please keep in mind that the Burn Promotion System is still in the early stages and other changes can be applied in the coming days or weeks. The new release is now live at

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SPS Proposal for Steem Keychain Development

Author: @yabapmatt

Steem Keychain is a browser extension currently available for the Chrome, Brave, and Firefox web browsers that allows users to securely store their Steem keys for multiple accounts and seamlessly interact with nearly all available Steem apps. It also provides a number of convenient features right within the extension such as:

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Tips from @fredrikaa - the founder of steempress !

Author: @clixmoney

In this video I shared the part of the interview with @fredrikaa where he shared tips about how to grow on steem. He's having a great experience in creating content. The tips he gave in the video will really help you if you are a newcomer just joined steem. I think even those who are here for a long time, it will be useful for them to watch. In case your website is created on wordpress, you can now link it to steem with @steempress.

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How to support #Promo-Steem

If you like the work of #promo-steem and want to support to help grow our steemit community, we have set up a great system leveraging the steem blockchain to support promoters, here are a few things you can do to support the voluntaryist promoters who are out there working hard to promote our wonderful steemit platform, which in turn, raises the the value of all of our STEEM and improves the quality of peoples lives immensely for doing valuable work:

  • Join the curation trail for @steem-ambassador - Add a bit of your voting power to reward promoters! See joining instructions HERE

  • Delegate SP to @steem-ambassador - If you have the means, please consider delegating some Steem Power so we can incentivize promotional work. 85% of the curation rewards that @steem-ambassador earns will be returned to the delegator each quarter based on their share of the overall delegation, so this is an active investment too. @steem-ambassador will receive 0% of the curation rewards. The remaining 10% goes to the ambassadors and 5% to the best promoters! DELEGATE HERE or you choose directly to delegate using the following links through STEEMCONNECT: 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP or 5000SP.

  • Follow our work, and get involved - Watch out for upcoming @steem-ambassador posts and give your approval to the Steem Ambassadors coming online.

  • Curate on posts tagged with #promo-steem, #steem, #newsteem to see the highest quality promotional blogs - The more people offering upvotes to the promoters, the more attractive it becomes to do high quality promotional work...which remember helps EVERYONE here!

  • Do some promotional work yourself - blog about it using the #promo-steem tag, which is one of the fastest growing tags on the platform! There are so many ways you can do it, and we have a vibrant community who want to get stuck in with you!

  • Visit for inspiration, ideas, resources and communication for promoting steem.

  • Please blog about the support you are giving. If the Steem Ambassadors like it, you may earn an upvote from the @steem-ambassador account

  • Join our discord and connect with us:


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