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There Is A Close Relationship Between What We Think And What We Feel


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We change our minds, Our tastes change, our dreams, our thoughts, even the people we relate to change, every day passes us with the beginning of something new, new feelings we did not meet, new people we meet for the first time, things we discover for the first time in life , All of these things make us different people from yesterday, and last year, and this change may occur because of one position may not exceed the viewer more than 15 minutes or positions and circumstances and many overlapping to another person, sometimes we seek change and sometimes seek change to us.

When you feel pressure or tension, try to stop for a moment and then notice, what you think, or what worries you at this moment !! You will be surprised at the amount of negative thoughts that fill your head

There is a close relationship between what we think and what we feel. For example, when we face the difficulties and challenges of life and we are frustrated, our ideas tend to be dramatic and general ideas

Life is full of beauty and happiness and is also full of surprises and difficult situations and lucky is able to live a happy moment and beyond the critical moments, and what is important here is to focus on these moments that can change the course of our lives in full.


My mission in life: spreading love, science, awareness and happiness to all human beings with all their religions, beliefs and ideas. I do not hate any human being, I love every human being for being human .. What really makes me happy is your strength, your happiness, your love .. The goal of my blog is to help yourself !!

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