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The Fact That Man Is Subjected to Lying It’s Possible


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During my trip to the village during the Eid al-Adha holiday, I missed walking in the midst of agriculture and rural signs and enjoying the green spaces that I had always longed for in the city. I told my wife and family that I was going alone and if anyone wanted me, the cell phone was open. There was an agricultural path that I loved for the memories of the past. I went to him with bright meditation plates that encouraged me to think. Then I chose for myself something to bring myself to myself and the sweetest way of talking about myself in intellectual issues and in this encouraging ambience.


I chose to talk about honesty and lying. Truth means conformity with reality. Lying lies in the non-conformity of reality, and here arises the problematic of who is the observer through which we will know the liar of the sincere? This question reminds me of Einstein's surveillance in its proportionality and means that the occurrence of an incident monitored by more than one observer varies according to the judgment according to the vision, so the importance of the observer in relativity is that he is the ruler by virtue of the vision. The lie lies as an example of a particular observer of Einstein because the liar may not feel his lie , While depending on where he is in the case concerned, and because he is a party, he is prevented from monitoring it, either to deliberate it or to mistake his senses and consciousness, and thus falsify his consciousness. In the end, the liar will come out with the image of a man who is "fake consciousness" even with his deliberate intent morality.


The fact that man is subjected to lying it's possible, and this type of lying on two types, the first is blameworthy and the other acceptable, lying slander means the transfer or adoption of a news that does not match the reality motivated by distorted or utilitarian benefit or the existence of one of the cases of laziness or ignorance or perseverance, Formality does not have to do with the substance of the case, and its transgression of the content is often either ignorance or laziness or stubbornness and persistence. Its actions are deceptive not only for the surrounding medium but also for the self. As these events proceed without monitoring or any attempt to monitor, A person may live with his lie until he is valid In his blood blood is blocked in the veins, we all do not feel the blood flow in his veins, and yet the blood is true in all of the Vein and arteries, so the liar will not feel a lie, despite his presence.


The acceptable lie is to collect the benefit in order to prevent harm to the soul, religion, money, mind or birth in what we know as "the purposes of Shari'a." The human evaluation of this type may differ from its nature, culture and level of awareness, but this type becomes overturned and oppressed if it conflicts with other moral values ​​such as sacrifice Struggle, altruism and others, while these issues are still linked to each other by the legal and moral balance of the balance. This lies in the atmosphere of war and reconciliation and we note here that the existence of an acceptable lie of the moral balance between opposites, and its truth remains an effective effect of the survival of the human soul between the war and peace, because lying if the type of one "indignant" peace prevailed on the planet, Enmity by human nature is not wise.


Honesty, as we have said in his definition, is identical to reality, and all the symptoms of discrimination lie from observations that apply to him and need not be repeated, adding that honesty often comes from controlling all the evil forces he has as control in anger or lust or mental strength, In Ibn Sina, control over him means the presence of the union with the self and thus the feeling of comfort and tranquility, not only for the sex of the work but also for its symptoms and consequences according to its level of awareness, in addition to that honesty is the main creation in the presence of honesty, sincerity, sacrifice and other moral values ​​of real and legal, Is a maker The virtues in the same person and what is not and God has ordered his slaves to the truth, while if the place of honesty is not required to be honest honesty and choice is not a duty, and then the human turn in the orbit of interpretation and projection while the case has the obvious, that honesty and lies are incompatible in work and results.


Best regards, ✍
M'ssieu Abdo


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