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Actifit Report Card: January 7 2019


10 months agoSteemit2 min read

Hello Actifitters, welcome to my daily @actifit update with the overall Actifit and my personal statistics. All information is taken directly from the STEEM Blockchain.

Let me start by welcoming our new Actifitters and wish them a lot of fun and health using the app: @ghostwang, @studya, @oneonezero and @r2cornell.

Daily Actifitters

This section provides the results of today’s reward cycle. The tables and chart contain the Top 10 activity count, the category split used for the User Rank, totals of the day and the Mobile Phone OS breakdown.

I would like to congratulate @ervin-lemark with the highest activity count of 75066!

All-time Actifitters

In this section you will find the all-time results since the start of @Actifit. The tables and charts contain the Top 10 total activity count, Top 10 highest daily activity count, Top 10 daily number 1 positions, Daily Number Category positions, the overall Actifitter growth and Mobile Phone OS breakdown.


Since the start of the project, @actifit has been providing rewards to users who posted their results. In the table below you will find the total granted rewards, the first chart illustrates the daily rewards development, the second chart the daily STEEM distribution to Actifitters, curators & beneficiaries via upvotes and the final chart the daily AFIT distribution for delegation, posts and upvotes.

Personal statistics

Finally here is the overview of my personal performance since I started with Actifit. As a stats guy I find it useful to monitor my performance on daily basis with charts.

This concludes my daily update, until the next time and keep Actifying!

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