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USWGO news reporter files motion to suppress, discovery, New lawyer


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  by: Laurie Azgard ; Court documents added by Roberta Hill on Mediafire 

Brian D. Hill [USWGO alternative news] had filed a motion to suppress  today in Martinsville circuit court, as well as a motion for discovery,  and Brian’s lawyer had filed or will be filing a motion to withdraw as  counsel of record for that case for being in conflict of interest. They  are in conflict of interest because Brian believes he is innocent of  indecent exposure at night time? Brian is is conflict with them because  he was a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning and the stress had gotten to him? 

 It is quite clear that Brian D. Hill had not been obscene, he had been  out at night on the hiking trail with plenty of woods and hills making  the trail pretty private with a few areas with roads close to the trail,  and that Brian had been high on carbon monoxide poisoning. If the level  had been a little higher, Brian would have fainted naked on the hiking  trail or been a corpse. Brian had already been under a lot of stress due  to the U.S. attorney’s motion for a pre-filing injunction and mass-sealing of post-2255 case files. 

 Brian’s lawyer Lauren Michelle McGarry had Brian sign to a motion to  withdraw herself as counsel for Brian’s criminal defense team. That  seemed to be right after Brian had filed a motion requesting substitute counsel for being ineffective as assistance of counsel. According to the Virginia court case management system, the motion had not been been filed by Brian’s lawyer. 

 Brian D. Hill had filed a motion for discovery  because the police body-camera footage had apparently not been located  or the Martinsville Police is ignoring the multiple written requests for  the body-camera footage at the early morning [nighttime] of September  21, 2018. Brian had also request for blood vials or blood samples to be  located which would further prove that Brian had suffered under carbon  monoxide gas poisoning at the time he was found butt naked on the Dick  and Willie hiking trail in Martinsville, VA, around 3:00AM to 4:00AM.  Brian had suffered abnormally high resting blood pulses two times before  his arrest, which is evidence of sinus tachycardia [also caused by  carbon monoxide poisoning]. That motion had been filed with the Virginia  court case management system. 

 It is quite clear that the Martinsville Police was embarrassed to  release the body-camera footage because it may reveal that Brian was  dazed and confused at the time he was handcuffed, and would further  prove carbon monoxide had caused his weird behavior by how he was acting  toward law enforcement at the time. 

 Brian had also filed a motion for suppressing  the evidence in his state case, to attempt to block the Martinsville  Commonwealth attorney from presenting his past federal criminal  conviction at the jury trial for his case or allow him to present all of  his actual innocence evidence with the state impaneled jury top prevent  unfair bias and prejudice against him.  That motion had also been filed  with the Virginia court case management system.  

 It appears that Brian had won by his attorney voluntarily getting ready  to file a motion to withdraw as his counsel of record for his state  charge. Brian had also attempted to mail evidence to the Police  Department of Martinsville, but that is for our next article. 


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