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Why Launch on BEOS?


9 months ago

Someone asked me this, Sounds like a good idea for a post.

  • BEOS has all the features of EOS but will probably not cost as much to use if BEOS tokens start out at 20% of EOS price. So deploying your app on BEOS is economically smart.
  • The same wallet holds your BEOS and EOS tokens, making them interchangeable.
  • BEOS tokens are portable between BitShares and EOS making them useful across the combined ecosystem.
  • You can constrain your DAPP to only execute on nodes in jurisdictions that are favorable to your product or service. Gambling DAPPS can run with impunity in international waters and eventually in international space - just like they do on cruise ships.
  • BEOS will host products natively. Gold and silver backed tokens blow the doors off tether and can be used to back bitAssets of all types.
  • dApp creators can get a stack of BEOS tokens over the next 66 days during the rainfall by buying BTS and staking them. You can withdraw your BTS at any time but get free BEOS and BEOS RAM rainfall for every hour staked!


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