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I'm getting tons of inquiries from last night on Coast to Coast AM wanting to know more. Many of these folks have never even heard of Bitcoin!

So, I've been compiling a letter to send back to then. What did I leave out?


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Thanks for asking about BitShares.
There’s a lot to learn.

The short answer to how to get started is to visit where we are currently building a game-based course on how to dip your toe in the water gently. You can sign up there for our mailing list and watch as we develop the game and training week by week.

Shall We Play a Game?

There are also several indirect ways to get started. Here are a few:

  • Sign up on, earn some steem by doing some posts, then use blocktrades to turn steem into bts and send to your light wallet.
  • Visit, get a few freeros (play money) just for signing up, and experiment with that.
  • Play the game and learn about ways to earn cash playing third party games that will be giving away millions.

Be sure to study this closely:
Rough Guide to Wallet Management

  • choose the cloud wallet since you are new
  • make sure to backup your password in several places
  • and log in and out to be sure your password works
  • its also always advisable to send small test amounts first

To be fully informed, you’ve got to do a little digging on your own and teach yourself.
Here are some links you might find useful.

When the Levee Breaks

BitShares Foundation Links


This is what you need to learn to do. The materials below will give you the details.

  • Download a Bitcoin wallet and create a Bitcoin receiving address.
  • Download a BitShares wallet and create a BitShares account and name it.
  • Buy bitcoins from somewhere and send them to your bitcoin wallet’s receiving address.
  • Use your bitcoins to buy BitShares and send them to your BitShares wallet account name
  • Keep track of your passwords - no one can reset them for you and you will lose your money if you lose them!

A very useful exchange in London is You'll need to register your ID to get an account there but then you can wire money to/from your account and use it to trade Bitcoin and a few other coins. Send you bitcoins back to your bitcoin wallet or directly through converting to BitShares and depositing them in your BitShares wallet account.

A very simple specific way doesn't even need you to have a bitcoin wallet:

  • Go to Coinbase and buy some Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Go to and create a BitShares Wallet
  • Send Bitcoin from Coinbase to to get BitShares (BTS) sent to your BitShares Wallet.

This last step is built into the BitShares wallet. Just pick the BlockTrades transfer service (or any others) from the drop-down menu below and fill in the form to move your BTC from coinbase while converting them to BTS in one swell foop!

See? Easy! The rest is merely an exercise for the student...


What is Cryptocurrency? - High Quality Interviews


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Heidi Travels on Open Ledger

“What is BitShares?"

Step by Step Guide to BitShares and Smartcoins for Absolute Beginners

Tony Peacock’s Training Videos

Chronos Crypto BitShares Training Videos

BitShares TV Channel

How to Buy BitShares

Rough Guide to Trading on BitShares?

What are Market Pegged Assets (Smartcoins)?


Be sure to study this closely:
Rough Guide to Wallet Management

User Guide - Light Wallet vs. Web Wallet

Bitcoin Wallet Guide Article

BitShares Desktop Wallet Guide

BitShares Wallet

Light Wallet or Web Wallet?

Bitcoin Wallet
I use the original “bitcoin core”, but there are many to choose from

Carbon Wallet


Bigger List:

Learn About Everything Dan and Stan Have Said

Now is the time to get involved in cryptocurrency - Dan Larimer

Stan Larimer’s Blog - hundreds of articles on what’s going on

Bytemaster’s Blog - Oldies but Goodies from Dan Larimer

Daniel Larimer Bitcoin and Beyond Keynote Las Vegas Speech 2014

Dan Larimer’s Latest Project - EOS

Connie-Willis at - TONS of Interviews with Stan

Giselle Koy - High Quality Production Interview of Stan

JD Hayworth - Newsmax TV

The Video
By far the best resource for new people is our “TED Talk” in front of a live studio audience in Hollywood.
Everyone loves it for some reason. There is no better way to know all about us in one sitting.


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Shall We Play a Game?

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Adsactly's Series

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BitShares Wiki

One Big Infographic

Decentralized Exchange Comparisions

How to withdraw BTS from Bittrex

Fav’s ways to buy and sell BTS from within

Crypto Learning Academy


This is where all the experts hang out.
They love to help people.
► BitShares on Telegram:
► BitSharestalk Forum:

openledger is a 3rd party company offering services on BitShares Blockchain.
Contact them for support requests: [email protected]


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