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Yes, you did read the title right! I decided the other day to pledge some of my "fiat" money to get into the Splinterlands Kickstarter Campaign. 🙋‍♂️

Which one did I choose? The Talia's Doomed Challenger for $1,000!

Splinterlands... in my own opinion, is currently one of the best blockchain games out right now with tons of users (approximately over 2,000+ players). 💁‍♂️

With the card values almost increasing every week (some from 10x-1000x), this is a no brainer for me!

In other words, this is a great investment opportunity! This is not financial advice of course and always do your own research. 🤑

Interested in joining the Splinterlands Kickstarter Campaign?

Here is your chance to get in "early" and start stackin' tons of new untamed packs launching in a few months.

You can read more about the campaign right here.

With that being said, here some reward cards that I got Today for doing some daily request battles.

My card stacks are just getting bigger and bigger everyday!

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 6.35.47 PM.JPG
Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 2.32.00 PM.JPG

Want to start playing Splinterlands? It's never too late to get started...

Learn more about Splinterlands Here and join in all of the Action! It's currently the best blockchain game on the planet!

Keep On STACKIN! 😎

~ Charles Fuchs

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