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Ewwww a MAGGOT BUCKET?! Well, it's actually pretty awesome. ;)


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Good morning everyone!! Boy, life can be busy and exhausting, can't it?

I'm telling you, life has been crazy around here lately. It's a whole mess of things, but hey, who wants to hear about that? Nah. Instead, Ill tell you about my latest successful experiment: THE MAGGOT BUCKET!


Yeah, you read that right, a MAGGOT BUCKET.

"What is this nonsense?!", you ask.

Well, the simple answer is: a maggot bucket is a bucket into which you place items for flies to lay their eggs into. There are holes for the flies to enter, and holes for the maggots to exit. Crazy, right?! Who, in their right mind, would CHOOSE to breed flies?! Well, me, I guess.
The truth is, this is a great way to get rid of guts. I harvest my chickens to eat, and they have offal that needs disposing of. Usually I bury them. This is not only a way to get rid of guts, it is also a way to feed the hens! The maggots fall down to the ground where the chickens are waiting to snap them up! Therefore, this is a source of free food! Also, it stands to reason, the more maggots being eaten by the hens, the less there are to mature into gross, annoying flies! Over time, it SHOULD reduce the fly population to some extent. (We shall see!)

This can also be useful for someone who does NOT butcher their chickens. You can use wet chicken feed, or kitchen scraps to attract the flies and feed your hens!

Anyway... I made a couple videos about this if you'd care to learn more. The first is when I actually made the bucket, and the second is a follow up video where I talk about how I feel it worked out. (Also there are baby goaties in that second video, for those who love baby goaties!! Luna had TWINS! ♥)



Thanks for stopping by! Drop a comment and let me know how your morning is going!

I hope your day is productive and your coffee is hot! ♥ If you don't drink coffee... well, you are weird like my husband who somehow also functions without. ;) Have a great day anyway, weirdos!


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