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24 days ago3 min read

It's been months since I visited sportstalk social, ever since the hard fork of steem and the drama in the outburst of the corona virus which got every sports invent in the world on suspension, I have been away trying to figure out how to move forward and has also been occupied learning new skills like trading futures on Binance and am looking forward to increasing my sports stake too 2 million with some of the funds I raised, but before I don that am going too check if the price of sports has been holding up, as alot of players has deserted this ship.

If the team behind the sports talk are still developing they should still look into the ideal of developing a book maker as a burn sink for sports token and other hive engine and hive tokens, it will go along way in salvaging the apologetic price of sports token.

Am back and better and hoping to still bring back the glory days of sports prediction to the hive Blockchain, as hive has been on the lime light, a bull run on the price of Hive will also generate a repulsive effect on the price of all hive engine tokens.

Moving forward it will be business as usually but with a little twist this time around as not all the games have resumed their seasons since the short down of all sports activities, so I will be working with the available sports event at the moment.

Introducing @Sportsconnect to the hive community sports connect is a group of sports analysts who uses statistics of pass events, with news and team performance in analysing the outcomes of sports events, its nots single individual, although the content creator is an individual but the tips comes from various experts punters who have been in the business of sports predictions and have a good understanding of how the game works. We are expected to give our best to keep everyone happy and our accounts fat.

Booking : kicking of the days predictions with this amazing picks from one of our punter @topworlds to kick start our return into blogging sharing and caring., we see green all the way.

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Disclaimer :Analysis base on authors forcast and predictions using available statistics analysis and outright team performance. DYOR before using our Tips.

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