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My Actifit Report Card and Update: July 7 2020


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Hi Everyone,

I'm back with this week's Actifit Report and Update. Yesterday, I managed to rack up my highest count in months. It was also my birthday. The day was mostly overcast but it was pleasant in the evening. Just after 7 pm we all went out to the lake and forest for a walk. We did a full lap of the lake. I think that is over 6km of walking. It was great for Mango the dog as it was only his second trip to the lake in the past 4 months.

The swans were out on the lake. There was a family of 2 adult swans and 6 cygnets. They were close to the bank, so I took a few photographs of them. My sister gave them some pieces of bread it was lucky we happened to have a loaf with us.

On the other side of lake, there were some cows in a field. They were near the fence so we went over to say hello. Mango was kept away from them as he would stress them out. Overall, it was a very enjoyable walk. We didn't get home until just before 10 pm but that didn't matter as it stays light until around 10:30 pm.

My Content


I have continued my Buying and Selling Game Contest. The number of participants is still low with just 3 in Contest 8 but at least the numbers are not dropping. This week's winner @steemflow made the highest possible profit with his buying and selling moves.


In another post, I listed as many Hive Dapps, tools, and websites I could find. Hive is growing very quickly. Applications and tools are migrating from Steem and many new brand ones are being added. I thought putting links to them in one post would be very helpful. I originally just planned on creating a list for myself but released many other people would also find it very useful.

Upcoming work

I am still working on my Udemy CBA course. I have completed most of the slides and I will begin recording videos and voice overs in the next few days. The course is still on track for release in August. I will be sharing a summary of the contents of the course in a few days.

That brings me to the end of this Actifit Report and Update. I will be back in about week. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and stay active whenever possible.

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