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What Does Hive Mean To Me? [Real Closeness & Unlimted Opportunities]


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So here's the thing: I've always played games with CEO's of companies I worked for. I tend to bend my surroundings to my needs and when I step into a new company and don't like the atmosphere - I change it.

I remember the director of the company I worked for right after my studies. She made herself look important in the way she walked, looked around, and by the position of her office that she never really left. You literally would walk up to her office by walking through a long long hallway, enter her office, look at her strict eyes (if she even looked up from her computer screen at all) from over her glasses, and walk a few more meters before you would finally be able to sit at her desk - Of course, only if she let you.

All the way to her office you would have the opportunity to go left, right, into several meeting spaces and the 'general floor', places to escape, all opportunities to not go into her office.

No-one would enter her space. No-one dared to approach her. But I did. I started after 2 weeks of working there and feeling annoyed by the fact that she didn't even know my name yet. (Lol.) I entered her office as often as it pleased me, asking her questions, offering my skills.

Within a few months I was giving workshops to my fellow colleagues who had worked there for 2 years and should've been my 'elders'. Because I thought we could do better, and because I let the director know I thought so, she let me lead, innovate, improve, teach. And in the process I built a friendship with her that surprised my colleagues who were mainly afraid of her.

It's just one of the stories I have like this. I've done it a few more times after that.

I like closeness. I don't like distance. I break down little walls 'important' people pull up around themselves. I just simply never forget that they are human and them and I are not that different. I see it as mainly a coincidence that someone is my boss. They might be older than me, they might have done different studies than me, they might have had some luck in life - all things that don't make a person more important, just - they ended up in a different place than me.

Maybe I'll be in their place in a few years time.

Steemit, Inc. was the first 'boss' I had that I couldn't reach

I mean, they were not really approachable, especially under the Ned Scott regime. No respons to e-mails, no real communication with the community. They were the company that potentially could do tons for the community but didn't. Lack of proximity didn't help, but in a decentralized world we need people to be approachable - it's all we have. The connection, the communication. We don't share an office, so we have to get it from somewhere.

SteemFest 3, Krakow, Ned was there. One or two people managed to speak to him and get a selfie, but after that this super important man just disappeared again. He had shown his face, his nice clothes, his new and improved body, and had checked off 'attend SteemFest and face the community'.

I wasn't impressed.

I need closeness.

I like breaking down the walls.

There comes The Hive

For real. When I saw who was (going to be) involved I knew I had to go to Hive. These were people I had seen and spoken to at SteemFest 3. Shared a beer with, had gossiped about, had gotten to know.

I can DM them on Discord. I can make jokes with them because we have shared experiences.

They are the ones that made Hive. They are the ones that will keep building Hive. They are the ones that I feel close to and trust to build a future with.

To me it makes all the difference if I looked into a person's eyes. I still vote mostly witnesses I've seen IRL. It's harder to unvote a witness when you've seen them IRL. They are not just 'another witness', another 'big person', they are someone I feel I've seen for who they are.

This is the closeness I'm finding on Hive - without the distance I felt when I realized Steemit Inc was the main innovator of our Steem blockchain.

Of course it only became more distant with Justin Sun

I don't really have to spend many words on that. He was even less known to us, we only knew him by reputation. Because he's more or less a 'shiller', and not an involved Steem persona I wasn't expecting to really get to know him better either. Let alone overcoming time zones, his clearly busy schedule...


More distance was created.

Which is why I'm on Hive. I just like it here. I feel Real Closeness & Unlimited Opportunities here.

And I want to be part of that.

I'm still surprised how 'easy' it was to leave Steem behind. I'm not surprised I love Hive so much seeing what I normally need from organizations I work in. I found that on Hive. And I hope it will get even better than it is now. If we create something from the connections we've built over the years we can get very very far. The fact that people like @andrarchy are still involved and were willing to give up their jobs for us, for the community - tells me a whole lot.

Let all the top 20 witnesses attend 'HiveFest' or whatever the name will be, please? And not just to cross of an item on a checklist. But because it will foster relationships and an even closer community.

And that, my fellow Hiveians, is why I'm on Hive.

This is an initiative, the first on Hive!, by @theycallmedan. Write a post and share on Twitter. Read the instructions well. Let's share what Hive means to us and tell the world about this little gem of a place.


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