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[PHOTO] Rots in de branding


7 months ago


Rots in de branding would translate to 'Rock in the waves', you know, one of those rocks where all waves break on, water splashing all around it, the rock untouched, not in any way thinking it should move to make room for the waves.

It's a saying in Dutch that you would use to refer to a person you can lean upon, someone that would always be there, if you almost fall down he or she will keep you upright.

Although no waves are splashing in this shot, it was the first thing I thought of when I took this photo of the shadow of my (seven years, going to eight) boyfriend who has been with me through thick and thin - things have been really hard, especially the last three years, but he didn't plan on moving an inch, and I both physically and mentally have been able to lean upon him.

He's that, for me: my 'rots in de branding'.

I sincerely hope you have one of those rocks too. And can be one for others.


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