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OCD Curation: the best posts and authors of last week (8 - 13 April)


4 months ago4 min read

When I wrote my post on OCD and OCDB last week I got many comments from many of you - both below the post itself and in DM's on Discord. People have often heard of @ocd and either appreciate what we are doing or are still looking for answers on what it all is about and how it works.

I will try to get the word out about OCD whenever I can. Once of the things I want to do is highlight my 'succesful' curations each week (those that got voted in the compilation posts by my fellow curators). This way I hope to create awareness about OCD for those that are not yet following @ocd and get the word out about promising new authors. Don't forget: we prioritize curating Steemians that have not yet been curated before by OCD, and still have a lower reputation. If you liked the post, consider following, commenting and/or upvoting one or more of their posts to motivate them to continue this way.

There are two more tasks I'm doing in the background for OCD to help the project ahead, which I will tell more about in future updates. Please read my post about OCD and OCDB from last week, and if there's more questions left: feel free to leave a comment!

Curated posts from 8-13th of April

This post by @starjewel is the conclusion of an 11 part series of posts that cover the making of a human sized canvas - just look at the last picture where @starjewel is standing next to her finished project! It's incredibly impressive to see how many details have been put on this canvas - and all incredibly well documented. For the finishing touch of her canvas she added some crystals and metallic paint. The first post about this canvas was published more than 3 months ago - so that's how long she worked on this artwork - that certainly deserves a few more eyeballs!

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Making your own soap? @fotostef makes it look so easy! He is an organic farmer in Greece, and starts with his own produced Olive Oil. From there on with relatively simple tools he makes his own 'simple' soap - as he is also an amazing photographer the process not only looks easy, but very pretty as well :-)

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What does a weekend away actually cost? Most of the time you can find an estimate online, but in this post @sandraams shares in detail what she spends in 3 days in Budapest. Now you know exactly how much money you need to visit this magnificent city: will you go?


I’m always longinly looking at people’s food posts: what did they eat? Where can I eat it? How does it taste? Why does it not look like anything I’ve ever had before (so I can imagine it)? User @crispinghun describes a lovely restaurant in Malaysia with all amazing looking food. But the most fascinating of this post is the description of a beverage called Teh-C, which is made with tea, (evaporated or in this case fresh) milk and sugar, whipped before being served. I certainly would love to try that one some day!

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What happens if a dog shares his story? Well, this! Dog Marley has a good friend, Dog Robby, who walk together often but live in separate houses. Dog Robby has his own human, who unfortunately broke her hip, but who was taking care of Robby if his human was in the hospital? The humans of Dog Marley went to look - and found he was quite stressed and not taken care of. So Dog Marley and Dog Robby lived together in one house for a while. An endearing story!

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If you have questions about OCD/OCDB ask them in the comments and I will try to answer them! Consider voting for @ocd as a witness (ocd-witness on the witness-page, or click this link to approve via SteemConnect) and stop by in our Discord channel!


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