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My steemmonster card collection

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8 months agoBusy

Hey steemians,
You may have heard pf steemmonster game and you should as it's becoming so popular. I bought some cards before a while. Today i will share my card collectio. I didn't bought much packs that's why my collection won't be that much good

Common cards

Screenshot from 2018-09-12 09-17-06.png
Screenshot from 2018-09-12 09-17-31.png

Rare cards

Screenshot from 2018-09-12 09-18-35.png
Screenshot from 2018-09-12 09-18-52.png

Epic cards

Screenshot from 2018-09-12 09-19-12.png

I have four summoner card on Rare and rest of all are Monster card. If you had bough cards, share your collection.

This is the end of my blog. Thanks for your time to read my blog.

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