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Building new handles for the canoe


8 months ago

Recently the hand carry straps that came with the canoe broke. And this makes carrying it by its fiberglass body painful and difficult.

We decided to make our own straps, and these should not break for a long time. @ryulincoln took three paracords and braided them together.

As long as the fiber glass body does not cut into cords it should be very strong. The braid makes more comfortable to hold mostly. As one paracord would handle what we need, as they support hundreds of pounds.

@ryulincoln showed me how to weave like this but honestly I have forgotten how to do it. Maybe one day when alot needs to be made again he can show me and it will stick. Just got to use it enough and often to remember such a tie.

@whangster79 drinking some refreshments before we carry it down to the water. With the hand straps @ryulincoln and myself can easily carry it. But with the straps broken at the time it made it hard even with three people carrying it.

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