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PWA EXpanse: Upgraded


5 months agoBusy

PWA Expanse is my game development project to create a template for using Preact-cli, Preact, Bulma and Phaser to create games for browser and native platforms.

Spent the last days updating to the latest releases of said libraries and today I finally had it all up and running properly again. In the video I simply show the current state of the project. Prior to updating all the dependencies, I was working on path finding and as you can see the "enemies" chase the player by calculating the best path to take.

I use to get this working. I decided on using navmesh because it was so damn fast. You have to do some setup work by adding all the meshes used for navigation, but as this is for a tiled based game and you can use snapping in Tiled Map Editor, the process of adding all the meshes does not take very long.

Enjoy the weekend!

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