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Qurrex is the future giant in the financial market.


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while bitcoin is in an unstable situation, users of exchanges are offered to familiarize themselves with new, promising and, as experts predict, with successful projects. Currently, experts unanimously singles out a company that aspires to be No1 among other types of exchanges.

The name of the future giant in the financial market is Qurrex.
This development is a crypto exchange, the basis of which is a unique platform. The symbiosis of the decentralized protocol of the block, in which the centralized exchange gateway will be implemented, provides opportunities for creating a new generation platform. Such a development will not only provide the installation of new quality standards in the financial market, but will also increase the trust of professionals and professional users, as this will increase the liquidity of the market. For those who want to know more about this idea, you can find out information on the official website of the project in White Paper.

According to the platform developers plan , already in 2020, this product will successfully replace all other financial exchanges and will occupy a leading position in the market.

Qurrex is the world's first hybrid crypto-exchange , which uses knowledge to develop blocking technology in conjunction with centralized nodes. The plan was created with the achievement of an ambitious task, namely, to eliminate the problem of a limited type of liquidity on the decentralized exchange site and ensure the speed of the process.

The basis for Qurrex is the idea of ​​using block to account for all the numerous orders that are sent both through an independent and through a centralized segment of the network. According to the logic of specialists, this scheme will provide an opportunity for buyers and sellers to correctly and mobilely find the most effective applications of the counter type.

The project model of this business is the crypto-currency hybrid platform. The chip of this type of project is centralized nodes that work together with an independent node. The country where the exchange is located is the Cayman Islands. Specialists call the launch of ICO the date of March 21 this year, and the completion date of ICO - May 15 this year. The minimum amount for investments can be any starting capital.

Phased implementation plan for the project



Disadvantages of trading platforms are actively discussed by experts from all over the world.
The topic did not lose its relevance in early 2014, when a large crypto-exchange called MT.Gox suddenly announced to its participants about its bankruptcy. This happened after many hacker attacks, and disappeared along with millions of deposits of its users.


Decentralized crypto-exchange is, in fact, free from such a shortcoming. Nodes that support work on the network can function separately from each other and take into account all ongoing transactions in the blockade itself. This gives effective protection against powerful hacker attacks. Yet such exchanges have two drawbacks, this is a high level of delay for confirming transactions, for example, they are often measured in seconds and low in liquidity.

The basis of Qurrex's work is a special scheme , in which two types of nodes can operate on the network under the same conditions: a centralized node and independent nodes.

Developers of this modern platform lay in their invention a very wide range of functionality. In the plans of specialists is the further creation of a full-value ecosystem that would encompass all the numerous aspects of working with crypto-currencies. It will implement such processes as insurance of all deposits that are on the user's internal account, algorithmic trading; graphical interface process with a wide range of possibilities for technical analysis and its trading platform. Of course, such a powerful system should have its own token and it will:

Name of the token - QRX The
token will be on the standard - ERC20
Total number of tokens - 70000000

This platform Qurrex Ltd. has one more powerful side , compared to other exchanges, is its strong team. The project is developed with the participation of real experts in their field. It has 14 people with competence that covers all parties to launch and promote these types of projects.


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